Two Great Minds

                      Two Great Minds
——A Sherlock and Loki fanfic.——
Sherlock braced himself at the force of the impact as the ground shook and he muttered something in annoyance.
The piece in his ear buzzed.
”Sherlock. Didn’t I tell you not to go in there alone?” Director Fury’s sharp voice snapped. Sherlock rolled his eyes.
”Oh, do shut up.” He mumbled. It buzzed even louder.
”What was that?! Do you know who I am, I am Director Fury. Now you get your sorry butt back here! If you go in there you’re bound to get killed!”
Sherlock was barely listening as he snapped the ear piece off and stalked down the corridor. Loki was here. Sherlock knew that. Everyone knew that. But Sherlock was the one to clean up this mess. At least thats what he thought.He thought since Jim M. was in on it with Loki,it became Sherlock’s job to fix it.
You see,Jim and saw Loki before,and decided that the perfect trick was to help Loki get the tesseract and get Sherlock at the same time.So they planned.Loki wold go in S.H.I.E.L.D and grab the cube with great ease,as he had done.But Sherlock was expecting Jim in the room when he went into it.He had no idea Loki was there instead.That was Jim’s and Loki’s plan.To trick Sherlock into this trap and get the tesseract and Sherlock.
Sherlock leaned against the wall as a noise rom the room leading across from him sounded.He squinted his eyes as he decided what it was;something big falling.Perhaps metal.
Sherlock ran his plan in his head;Get in,try not to talk to long,get out with the tesseract.His goal was that stupid tesseract.He’d deal with Jim later.
Sherlock-gun in hand at his side-slipped in the door.A cool,unexpected breeze hit his face as he looked around.
‘Don’t make this long.’He thought to himself.
He tiptoed around the huge,high-ceiling room.It was black,and made of steel.It had been unused except for storing the tesseract for the past year.Since Loki had returned it.He had came back for it with another plan.
Big,locked boxes made of iron lined the stacked walls and everything was silent as Sherlock stepped across the smooth floor and started peeking behind the boxes.Jim had to be here somewhere.
”Moriarty….”Sherlock called quickly.Hearing no response,he made a face and turned another corner.
”Come out come out where ever you are……”The voice did not belong to Jim.Sherlock listened,pressing against a large box.
”Come now,don’t be shy.I’ve heard quite a lot about you,Mr.Holmes.But I never knew you as a…..”The next word was spoken as a taunt.”Coward.”
Rage glazed Sherlock’s eyes for a second,until he stood from his hiding place and straightened to his full height.
Loki was standing right behind him,his god clothes on,and the stick he carried with…..The tesseract in it.Sherlock stared at him in split-second disbelief.
Then he turned his eyes cold.
”Loki.How surprising to see you.”Sherlock said with tension in his voice.Loki raised his eyebrows in amusement.
”Is it?I wouldn’t go to ‘surprsing,Mr.Holmes.I think you expected me anyway.Or did you?You weren’t were you?”Loki laughed slightly as he coursed around Sherlock,turned a few feet away.
Sherlock eyed him.
”No no no,of course you didn’t.I am Loki,after all.”Loki smiled,pleased with himself.”You know,like I said,I’ve heard a lot about you.Smart,quick,the list goes on and on.”Loki turned around and paced lazily.
Sherlock watched him,making a plan in his head.
”So,have you heard anything about me,Sherlock?”Loki looked at him flatly.Sherlock took a breath and raised an eyebrow.
”Oh,the usual.Brother of Thor,god of thunder,son of Odin…….”Sherlock let his voice trail off to annoy Loki.Loki’s eyes blazed for a split second until he nodded.
”Thor.He is not my-”
”Brother.Yes yes I know.Family problem eh?”Sherlock’s lip curled to a smile.Loki whirled around and snapped;
”He is not my brother!That’s all.I have no problems!”
”Of course.”Sherlock replied,looking at him side ways with steadiness and annoyance in his eyes.
Loki huffed and whirled back around.
”So.The tesseract.I thought you had given it up in the past year.”Sherlock said.Loki mumbled something and laughed.
”Gave up?”Loki muttered.He turned around and laughed.”Not so!Thor took it from me.”
”Did he now?Shame.”Sherlock said with a hint of sarcasm.
”Shall we get this over with quickly?!”Loki nearly shouted.Sherlock narrowed his eyes.
”Am I bothering you,son of Odin?”
”I AM NOT THE SON OF ODIN!”Loki yelled,stepping toward Sherlock angrily.”I am the son of Laufey!”
”Exscuse me then.I zoned out through my god classes back in school.”Sherlock said,his eyes laughing.
”Well,pity for you.They might have helped.”Loki took a step back and studied Sherlock.
”Put your gun down.”He said.
”I’d rather not.”Sherlock said simply.
For some reason,Loki didn’t push the matter.But his eyes flickered to his left and then he straightened.
”Something wrong,Loki?”Sherlock asked patiently.
”No.Nothing in concern of yours.Yet.”Loki then briskly and stepped across from Sherlock.
”I’m going to give you a chance,Sherlock.”Loki said.Sherlock’s eyes followed him carefully.
”If you let me take you over without a fight,I’ll let you live.”Loki said simply.Sherlock laughed.
”And you would do that with your stick of destiny,am I correct?I know Moriaty is in on it.I’ve always known but I have to say I expected him here,not you.”
”And why him?It is my tesseract.”Loki pressed.
”You breaking into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s base was too risky,at least I thought.”Sherlock said simply,eyes making a look that said;Oh who cares it doesn’t matter it was so obviuos.”
”I’m not into games,Mr.Holmes.All I have to do is press this on your heart.Simple isn’t it?”Loki held up his Cepter.He was done talking about Moriaty for the moment.
”Heart?”Sherlock asked.A sudden look of pain etched his eyes.He lifted his gun,aiming defensivly at Loki.”I have been reliably informed that I don’t have one.”
A small smile opened Loki’s closed lips.
”Let’s find out.Shall we?”Loki crept closer and the tip of his Cepter nearly pierced Sherlock’s chest.Sherlock let out a wince and his eyes clouded with pain.The Cepter turned blue.
”Oh.”Loki whispered.”You do have a heart.”
He let the Cepter stay on Sherlock’s heart for a moment more.Sherlock grimaced and his eyes flooded with pain until Loki was done.
Loki pulled his Cepter back.He grinned.
”Sherlock Holmes does have a heart.But not anymore,isn’t that right?”Loki eyed Sherlock once again before clicking on his ear piece from his pocket folds.
”Moriaty.He’s done.He said he didn’t have one,”Loki laughed again.
”Now we both know thats not quite true.”Moriaty’s pleased voice came back.
Sherlock stood there,gun lowered,and stared blankly at Loki.Now his commander.
”Don’t you see Sherlock?It was so eeeasssyy!”You caught on yes,but still fell into my trap!Amusing you are.”Moriaty’s childish chant came from the comm in a laugh.
John ran down the corridor,gun pointed downward,muttering curses in annoyance.
”Why does he always do this?!”John muttered.
”John Watson!What in the name of Harrison Ford are you doing!?”Director Fury’s voice sounded loudly from the ear piece in John’s pocket.
”What the-”John snapped to himself.He pulled the piece out.
”Didn’t I tell you not to go out?You’re gonna get Sherlock and yourself killed.”
John huffed and snapped it off.
”He’s in trouble-like always-and waiting around in that room isn’t going to help.”John muttered to himself as he breathlessly ran down the corridor.Room 131.Thats where Loki had gotten the tesseract.
When John found the door he rammed in the room,gun pointed.He saw Loki in a matter of seconds.
”Who-”Loki began but Moriaty’s voice said;
”John!How nice of you to join us!”Lowering the sound,he whispered to Loki;”Get him too.”
Loki stalked over.
”Sherlock!”John said loudly.Sherlock turned around,face blank.
”Stay there,Mr.Holmes…….”Loki pointed his Cepter at John.”Don’t fight and I won’t kill you.”
John stared at him and brought his gun up.
”Please,fire.I’m sure I’ll live.”Loki laughed as he stepped closer.
John gritted his teeth.Now what?He thought.Loki was a god.
”I was told about you,too.A little early,but you were expected.”Loki said calmly.
”W-who told you.About me?”John muttered.Loki eyed him.
”It won’t be your concern for long.”He said coolly.Without warning,he jabbed his Cepter at John and hit John’s shoulder,throwing him off balance.John stumbled back,then glared back at Loki.
”Come on,soldier.Save your friend.If,”Loki paused,a smile growing on his face,”You are as strong as I am told.”
John’s face twitched with anger.But he was trained to stay calm under pressure.Facing a angry,taunting god didn’t change a thing.Did it?
John swallowed and then decided he couldn’t win this fight.
”Are you going to fight?”Loki asked,head lowered,Cepter raised.
”And win what?”John muttered.He was thinking of every possible way to get out of Loki’s way and not get killed.
”Well.Lets face it,Dr.Watson.You can’t beat me.I am a god.”Loki snickered.
John grimaced.Loki eyes him.
”What are you going to do,soldier?’Loki taunted.
John knew now or never.
With a few gun shots at Loki,which only made Loki stagger and get angry,bleeding only a bit,John rammed into the side of Loki and pushed him.Then before Loki could jump up,John attacked Sherlock.Just as John had began to grab Sherlock to hit him,Loki plunged onto him and judo flipped him.John yelled,and rolled over,dazed,before Loki took his heart.John shot one more useless bullet and then he threw his gun.But the bullet had hit Loki’s chest,and it helped more.Loki staggered a bit,then attacked once more.John grabbed the stick,and before Loki or it hurt him,he threw it with all his might.Loki snarled and dove,sending a harsh punch to John’s face,and John kicked Loki’s torso,which made Loki hit harder.John yelled,then grabbed frantically for the hidden knife in his belt.Finally being able to grasp it,he blindly stabbed Loki’s side.
Loki yelled in pain,snarling,and John-able to see a bit clearer since Loki had stopped throwing punches-stabbed again.
Loki staggered up,then ordered;Sherlock.Finish him.”
”This should be fun.”Moriarty’s laughing voice mused.Sherlock’s blank face,and odd blank body began to move forward,toward John.John rolled up,panting.
”Sorry about this.”He sighed and Sherlock attacked,grabbing John’s head and was about to flip him,before John took his hand and whacked Sherlock head.He then thwacked it again.Harder.Then,Sherlock being only slightly off guard,John pushed him hard,and then hit his head again.Each time he did,it wasn’t deathly.Just had to get him blacked out.And about now,he blacked out.Sherlock’s limp body collapsed in a heap and John-breathless,sore-staggered away,then looked about for Loki.But Loki was gone.Just,gone.
John cursed.Then sighed,touched his head which was bleeding,and then picked the com out of his pocket.
”Fury?”He breathed unsteadily.Director Fury’s stern voice came;
”Did you get Sherlock?”
”He’s-he’s fine.Yeah I got him.He’s out cold.”John tried to control his breathing,glancing apologetically at Sherlock’s body.
”Is he out?Okay good.Loki?”Fury asked.John winced.
”Loki’s gone.I stabbed and shot him a few times but I think he’s still alive.”
”Good job Mr.Watson.I’ve got medics on your way now.”
John nodded to himself.
”You did well.But you are an idiot.”
“And what about Sherlock?”
”I’ll give him the news myself.”Fury rolled his eyes.
John laughed tiredly.
Sherlock sat on the white bed in the small cell,all the cell had was the bed and a small bathroom.Sherlock had gotten cleaned up,and then the medics had left him alone for a while.
John walked in;face gashed,and he walked with a slight limp.
Neither said anything for a moment.Then John laughed.
”Way to go.”
”I’m sorry?”
”You just rushed in there.”
”What would you have done?”Sherlock snapped.John made a face.
”It was a trap.”
”Yes I know it was.That’s why I went.To see what they where up too.”Sherlock said simply.John stared at him,puzzled.
”Did you expect Loki?”
”I knew he was in on it but no,I didn’t expect him in the room.”Sherlock said.
”Ah.So,you didn’t expect what happened?”
”No….What’s the point in this?”
John was frustrated.
”Nothing.You know what nothing.”He laughed dryly.Silence.
”Thank you.Though.That thing you did it was…Good.Thanks.”Sherlock said quietly.John paced.
”Hm.You’re welcome.But next time listen,please warn us before you do something like that.”John sighed.
”Sorry.”Sherlock shrugged,eyes annoyed.
”Sherlock!I’d like to say-”Fury’s loud voice spoke from the com on the ceiling.John jumped,and Sherlock looked up.
”You are an idiot.Never do that again.Understand?”
Sherlock smirked.John made a face at Fury mentally.
”I think I understand.”
”But both of you…..You did well.It was stupid.But you’re alive.”And the voice snapped off.
John laughed slightly,and Sherlock grinned.
”That was….”
”I was going to say helpful.”Sherlock responded.Mycroft stepped in the room.
(Okay so older but…Hope y’all like it.:)

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