My opinion of Khan from STID


Okay so I’ve watched Star Trek Into Darkness many times. Many. And to be blunt I love Khan. End of story. Love. I have AU’s with him. Not sorry.

And that goes to say, I’ve talked to a few people about him. Some people believe he’s misunderstood, and some believe he’s evil.

MY opinion? Khan is not evil. Khan is misunderstood. In many ways.

I mean, yeah, he murdered people. But he only murdered them to get his family back. His crew. And honestly speaking I would have done the same. He did what he had to do.

Khan isn’t evil. I mean think about this; he’s woken up after 300 years of sleeping, told that he’s needed (he might have been tortured, and I’m sure dealing with everyone was difficult for him), and is he refused his crew would be killed. All of this (and probably more) just dumped on his shoulders. He was hurt.He knew he was going to be used, and think about it, Khan’s Khan. He wasn’t to happy about that either.

Look at his mugshot after he was pulled out of cryosleep;

"It’s a very brief shot in the film, but in reality, this is Khan’s mugshot. It was most likely what he looked like soon after Admiral Marcus pulled him out of cryosleep. He’d probably just learned that Marcus would kill any number of his crew should he step out of line. At this point, it’s too early on for him to find a way out. He’s trapped, tired, confused by all the new technology 260 years into the future. And he knows he’s being used. He doesn’t have a choice." <--- THIS but *sobs*

Look. See how hurt he is?

Now moving on.

Khan attacked when he purposely (and brilliantly) lured all the most important men/women at Starfleet. Why? He mentioned the answer in the book;

KHAN: “…….I did what I did at Starfleet HQ because I was responding in kind only to what I perceived to be Marcus’s intentions. Perhaps my actions in attacking your colleagues was not entirely logical, but it arose out of emotion and conviction I could not repress….” So that question on why he did what he did is easy. He was hurt and getting back at Marcus.

Now, going back to the moment Khan attacked Starfleet. I’m not sure if he expected Kirk to attack him, but that doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that Khan went to Kronos. And when Kirk, Spock, and Uhura went there and nearly died he saved them. Out of kindness of his heart? No. He saved them because he knew about the torpedoes on board Enterprise. He saw his chance to get on board; making it easier to access them.
And he knew that if he didn’t go on board anyway, they’d fire. And that’s the last thing Khan would want/allow.

So he’s on board Enterprise. Obviously he expected the warp malfunction. In fact he addressed Kirk to this matter. So with all this so far, it’s simple to say Khan is an INTJ. The Mastermind. He’s brilliant, ruthless, and quick. Not to mention superhuman.

Then Kirk talked to Khan. He found out his past etc. Let’s hit this. So we learn a lot of what I just explained (his family, his wakening etc), but we also get a few more things. Now I have the book (rewritten a bit more like the movie but has some lines not found on the movie), so let’s dig deeper. On page 194 here is what Khan says;

”….Fighting without thinking. Battle in the absence of any procedure or rules. If you can’t break a rule, how can you be expected to break bone?”

Simple enough, right? I dug into it and think; Obviously Khan isn’t afraid to break some rulers if it advances his cause, as we learn throughout the movie. But still, here’s another part of the book;

”KIRK:”….I watched you open fire on a room of unarmed Starfleet officers and support personnel. You killed them in cold blood.

For the first time, Khan allowed a crack to appear in his hitherto-unvarying visage. A hint of pain, or perhaps a suggestion of loss, finally drove him to raise his voice.

KHAN: “Marcus took my crew from me………..My pleas to to similarly revive them fell on deaf ears. Ears were numb to my need, to my pain.Help design new weapons, I was told, and eventually your crew will be restored to you.” ”

Okay for a moment I’ll stop here. See how Khan reacted?

LOOK BELOW FOR MY COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Apparently this thing has a limit to how much to can say..........XD

To being accused of killing in cold blood. Obviously he isn’t that cold or this wouldn’t have phased him; but he is once again misunderstood. He wants someone to understand him, understand why he’s doing everything, he wants someone on HIS side.

Now you might be thinking; But Khan still MURDERED people!” And he did. But in his mind his actions were justified by his cause. And in a twisted way they were. But using this info, and mixing it in with how he sounded hurt by Kirk’s words; what do we decide? Khan’s actions were justified, but I think he was hurt that Kirk didn’t see that. He was upset that Kirk saw it as murder and not as something that had to be done.  He was hurt because Kirk; like all the rest of every one he met, didn’t understand his intentions.

Anyway, we also know that Khan tried to smuggle his crew (now in the weapons he designed) out. He was caught, and was forced to escape alone.

Here’s a passage from the book;

KHAN:”Once that action was forced upon me, I had every reason to believe Marcus would kill every single one of the people I hold most dear………..Unless I turned myself in-for my own execution. So I made arrangements to have them moved before Marcus could begin to carry out his program of execution. And a privileged supervisor of Section 31, I had access to resources of my own, you see. The work was done quietly, without Marcus being aware of the move. But he found out….and had them transferred to your ship. To carry them to Kronos so you could fire them at me. Very neat and tidy isn’t it? Kill me with my own people.”

Marcus was going to fire the torpedoes and not only kill all crew members and Khan, but he was going to start full out war on the Klingons. The war he always wanted. Another reason why I don’t like Marcus. He was going to start an unnecessary war for his own cause.

The book states;

KHAN: ”Your admiral used me to help design new weapons. To realize his vision of a heavily militarized Starfleet. That was the purpose of his precious, private Section 31. Starfleet was content to let him supervise one small, unimportant research project. After all, was he not an admiral of the fleet? Some minor improvements, some small advances, he allowed to be passed up along the research chain to show that his project was making progress and that it was deserving of continued funding. Other advances,particularly those in whose development I personally participated, he continued to shroud in ‘necessary’ secrecy until they were sufficiently ‘perfected’ for them to be revealed to Starfleet at large.”

KHAN: ”And then? He sent you to use those weapons. To fire MY torpedoes at an unexpecting world.He purposely saw to it thatyour ship would become crippled in enemy space, leaving to one inevitable outcome. The Klingons would come searching for whoever was responsible for the intrusion and assault on their homeworld.. and you would have no chance of escape.You wold have no choice to fight back. The Klingon Empire, quite reasonably, would be outraged. Marcus would finally have the war he talked about……Think about it Captain: where did your orders come from to sally forth to kill me? Directly from Marcus. Did you ever receive any complementary orders from anywhere else anyone else in Starfleet? No. It was all Marcus, it was just Marcus,it was only Marcus. You were, you ARE, not engaged in a mission on behalf of Starfleet. You are engaged in a mission on behalf of Admiral Alexander Marcus.”

(Pages 194-195 ^) So that is what happened and WOULD have happened had Khan not spoken and explained. Marcus planned the whole thing. Except about Khan. He didn’t see what Khan did coming but when it did happened, he saw a perfect chance and stole it. It almost worked too, save Khan spoke to Kirk and Kirk listened.

When Khan got to Kronos, Marcus was going to make Enterprise fire all the torpedoes at Khan-therefore destroying a good amount of Klingon planet, outraging them. And then the Klingons would come to earth and start a war. The war Marcus had been preparing for. All the things Marcus did was to prepare for this. It almost worked to despite Khan speaking to Kirk. Now, when Kirk addressed this matter to Marcus, Marcus argued Khan was lying. Saying that Khan was twisting the truth and making Marcus the bad guy. Marcus said he made a mistake on reviving Khan. (after he realized Khan had gone out of his way for his crew)

Either way you look at it; Marcus to me is the bad guy.

Okay,back to 7 paragraphs ahead, that’s what happened. Also notice that later Khan said he had his own resources;so if you ever wondered how he got info before there is your answer. (If you have the access he says this on page 197)

Anyway. I’m pretty sure Khan expected Kirk to ask for his help too. And really; why else would Khan agree to help unless he was sure he would get his crew back (aka, he probably already knew Kirk’s intentions and was planning what to do). So he accepts. And has the plan planned out so in the end he does get his crew back. That’s not how it happened though.

Scotty stunned him, and the plan needed to make a hint of difference. The event with Marcus however, Khan would probably had done anyway. And really, I was glad he cracked Marcus. I didn’t like Marcus. Marcus lied; to Starfleet, and to Khan. Hardly honor worthy.

So when that was finished, Khan had a much bigger, more powerful ship. And he had full confidence he could overcome Enterprise; using Kirk, Scotty, and even Carol as bait/exchange material.

So he beams the 72 torpedoes on board. His ONE mistake throughout the whole thing was not checking the torpedoes before beaming them on board.

Then they begin to explode. Khan doesn’t know that his crew aren’t inside- I’m sure he’s terrified, angry, and torn.


Khan Noonien Singh

So once again Khan has to escape alone; except he doesn’t know they’re still alive. He’s angry, upset, and torn. And just wants to get away now because he has nothing else;

Khan my poor baby

And then Spock comes after him.


And yeah you knwo the rest. But real quick, can you imagine what he felt? He eventually found out his crew was alive. He knew he failed. And then he was put back into sleep. This idea just pains me.

Anyway; in conclusion; Khan is not evil to me. A little bit of a pshychopath only because that’s how HE WAS ENGINEERED. Everyone seems to forget that.

I like Khan. I feel sorry for him. His actions were in a way, justified, he did what he had to do.

To me really, he’s inspiring. He’s brilliant. He’s ruthless. And he would do anything for his family.

Well, that’s my opinion, comment if you want I guess but this is what I’m sticking with.-A.W


3 thoughts on “My opinion of Khan from STID

  1. Brilliant my Dear. Absolutely brilliant. Could I perhaps use this to help make my own little Khan rant to be posted on one of my blogs?
    -Kate from Pinterest


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