I am bored and eating cookies. Yes; cookies. Not that anyone would care (if someone else was posting this I wouldn’t) but the main thing is not the cookies my dear fellow; no no, not the cookies. I’m here to talk about something else. Not cookies. I’m going to talk about bullies. Bullies. How did I go from cookies to bullies? I have no idea my brain just munched a cookie and thought; Bullies.”  I myself have not had many problems with bullies. (Thank God I do not have time for such petty people).

Bullies are people that want power. Whether the bully is a kid, a teen, even an adult. They want power. And are too lazy to get up and earn that power. So instead, they cut others down. Mostly with words. They find your weakness (A passing, an insecurity, something you like, etc), and they use it against you. Maybe they even use your strengths too! Their targets may range from the popular kid or the quiet one. The ‘nerd’ or the ‘jock’. Anyone they please; though it makes more sense if that bully aims for the easiest target.


So they find that easy target and they hit him. Not physically (or maybe they do later) but with words. They bring you down with words. For some people words hurt more when they are targeting their outer beauty; others it stings when people insult your talents. Either way, if you show your hurt, the bully knows it. He/she likes when you stare at them with a pained frown, they love it when you begin to cry or run off sniffing. They LOVE it when you react in ANY way; even with words like; You know that isn’t very nice! Stop!” I’ve read American Girl books saying to speak up, as an INTJ, I don’t believe in this that much. I believe it gives the attention the bully wants. Responding lets them know they hit it, or at least they have your attention. AND a simple ‘stop’ might make them mad and though I don’t mind making people mad or getting hit (which they might do), others might. Plus, you’re wasting your words. They won’t listen. No, instead I think it would work best if you say absolutely ignore them- show no expression, (however I’d wear a smirk but never look at them), do not give eye contact, don’t even glance. If you have to; the best look is a sly smile or no expression at all, both might need practice for some people. Ignore them. It’s that simple. Eventually they will realize they aren’t getting to you and get bored and move on.

Bullies bully people for power; seeing others cower makes them feel strong when really they’re the weak ones because they care how others view them.

Anyway, cookies. I say we all carry cookies around and when someone is mean to us, just throw one at them and say;

”HAVE A COOKIE, thundercloud!” Or just silently hand them a cookie and whisper;

”The Cookie Police called; he said you haven’t had one. Here.”


P.S. In the end, you have to learn not to let people get you down horribly. Be strong, you can do it. As God says: You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” God does NOT make mistakes. He loves you and made you perfectly as you should be. Words can hurt, I know. But you’ll be Ok with God’s help.

Cookies And Bullies

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