Okay so yeah; it’s ‘finally’ Friday. Ha, Finally Friday. That will be my thing now. Anyway; I’m pretty sure a lot of us look forward to today. Why? Because Saturday is tomorrow. Which means no school. And if you’re an adult, no work.
Honestly my favorite day is Saturday no school and you can sleep and stay up late. Heaven right? Yes. I never make plans (unless the family has some, but I’m not the one planning them) . My goal every weekend is to stay home, blare music, have extra laptop time, and relax. Unfortunately I don’t have sweatpants, so I get dressed but it’s fine. XD I am a major Introvert plus an INTJ so jeez; it is surprising I ever breathe in front of human beings, save my family. But I sadly do; due to my HUGE Extrovert sister (Myeshia I call her Meesha deal with it). She has a lot of friends, and of course being me, I am suspicious of all of them for reasons. Say I read too much fiction, but it might be those teens are a bunch of shape-shifting, mastermind, monsters. Always a possibility, so hush. XD But I do go out; and am polite. I smile and say ‘thank you’, ‘`scuse me’ and ‘goodbye have a nice day’. The point is I am a people watcher and rather make up everyone’s background. Much more fun. Besides, I see girls my age and am surprised I don’t just go up to them all and shake their shoulders, yelling; WHAT THE HECK IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?! THINK!” yesno

But I cannot. There is such thing as juvenile prison. And I’d rather not go thereSadly, this world is going down due to a lot of reasons; a list really. One of them is this generation not thinking and believing everything they are told. The other is they just don’t care about anything; all they care about is how others view them. A bad trait to have. I do pray that things might get better because if they don’t, the world we know will be gone and maybe then everyone will think; Well dang I kinda wish I had thought about this…”
Well dang look at that; how the heck did I go from Friday babblings to the world today? 0-0 Oh well, I’m good at ranting. XD Well I’d better be off. I am gonna watch The Emperor’s New Groove. :D:D:D I LOVVEEEE that movie SSSOOO much it is hilarious. Kuzco is my favorite Disney character. Anyway bye y’all. XD


One thought on “FRIDAY

  1. I hear you on this generation. What I hate about being a teenager is that I know I’m stupid. I know my brain isn’t capable of clear thought yet. I know this, and I can’t do anything about it. I know I’m slow, I’m oblivious, and I can’t focus to save my life. And I haven’t figured out how to fix any of that yet, other than “growing out of it.” But even with my own teenage problems I can see how teenagers today really are all morons. Unlike most of “my kind,” I am future oriented. Which means that when teenagers risk their future being stupid (not doing homework is an excellent example), I really do just want to punch something. So there’s my little side-rant to your blog rant. XD


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