Writer’s Block



Every writer stumbles upon a time where they have writer’s block. A very bad thing, but it’s normal to get it.

Writer’s block isn’t fun obviously but if you aren’t the kind of person to just sit down and just write anything; here are some ideas and ways to cope and move past writer’s block.

  • Tea. You have probably heard this before but whatever the below ideas are that include being inside, always have some tea beside you. I prefer green tea with lemon, English Breakfast, peppermint, Earl Grey etc, but whatever you like.. LET THE BREWING BEGIN.
  • Music. Yes; music. Listen to a ton of music, and vary it all! Celtic is very good a sparking creativity along with Emotional Music. Try sad songs, happy songs, anything.
  • Read. Yeah you heard me, read. Curl up and read a new or old book. Reading will give your mind a break and might even spark new ideas.
  • Dance. Yes dance. Play some more music and this time dance. If I have writer’s block; I might turn on Celtic and dark, voiceless music and just let myself move to it. Play a story in your head (and with your body) along to the music! It might strike a whole story.
  • Pinterest. This is an amazing site where you can browse and collect pictures of anything. A great place to plan stories with visual ideas. Browse here; ideas will flow.
  • Nature. Go outside! Breathe fresh air, take a walk, take a moment to enjoy everything God created and it just might help. Take in this world, it is beautiful.
  • Hobbies. If you have another hobby besides writing do it!
  • Write. Just write whatever; even if it isn’t what you should be writing, sometimes taking an unwanted step back helps.

Well I hope I helped! 🙂 And remember; KEEP WRITING!



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