A Poem ‘n Thought

 Angela tapped her fingers softly on the table in her and Khan’s room: waiting. For Khan to finish her piece of writing.
Angela had written the piece days ago, and had been working on it since then. She had gotten bored- there was not much to do here in Asgard except explore the forests around Asgard. And she had done that. With nothing left, she had decided to write something worth her time. And that had been a piece about death.
 ”Oh how bitter sweet the end will be
When we see everything we have not done
 This bitter, hard world shall see
Our lives be won by death
 Such a thing it is
To live and one day die
 Death that awaits each one
To grasp them and bring them down
 To choke, and make thee cry
How do those people feel
 When their beloveds are always vulnerable
To the one undeniable end
 It calls us, whispering its song
Of tears, screams, and bitterness
 All seems lost before death finishes its hunt
What a feeling it is to see and feel the end
 Your breath gets heavy, you remember everything so clearly
You suddenly want more time
 For you miss the feel of breathing
And you suddenly feel so alone
 Even if you are with someone
You feel like you are going somewhere they cannot follow
 And they cannot follow you here
Where the roses are grown with salty tears
 Where death is all you see
As if a rope is pulling you into an unknown darkness
 Do not show your fear
Death loves fear, it feeds of fear and tears
 These make it stronger, and the more of these things
The longer death will haunt you.”
 When Khan finally looked up from the piece of paper, his face was soft. But Angela could see the pain in his eyes; He knew how these words felt. They both did. Perhaps that’s why they hurt so much.
Both of them were silent; Angela’s eyes were down and Khan finally slid the paper over. She looked up into his unmoving face.
Angela did not say anything; she did not need to. And when Khan did speak, his voice was low.
”That was marvelous and….” He swallowed before finishing.” Certain.”
 Angela watched him for a moment, eyes soft. She studied the paper silently.
”Was it?” She finally whispered. Khan, unable to scoot closer since he was on a separate chair, reached over and put a hand on her shoulder.
”Yes.” He said, and she said nothing. After a few minutes of silence, Khan leaned back in his chair and put his folded hands on he table.
”Angela.” He began quietly, and she straightened, waiting.
”Do you wish you were somewhere else?” He asked quietly. Angela frowned.
”What do you mean?” She asked. Though she knew what he meant, she just wasn’t sure how to respond yet.
”Do you wish that sometimes you were, somewhere else? Somewhere… Different?” He repeated. Khan waited as Angela smiled sadly.
”Not anymore no. I used to wish that we were back, back where we began. What we called home. Then I thought that we didn’t belong anywhere, so I just stopped. Then we met Loki and Sigyn, I don’t wish for a different life anymore Khan. I miss our family, of course, but I’m happy here. I even feel accepted. We have a new family here.” As Angela finished, she waited for Khan’s reaction.
 Khan slowly nodded.
”Actually Angela, that is exactly how I feel.” And Angela could tell by the sound of his voice that was no lie,

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