A Saturday Night

It is Saturday! Yes! 🙂 Now after an ‘eventful’ day, Meesha, Kody (my little brother) and I have decided to watch Star Trek Into Darkness again. Now I say again because we watch this movie at least every week. And I love every minute of it. XD Of course; Khan is in it. And I absolutely love Khan (go figure). In fact; I used to skip through the whole movie just to see his parts. But when Meesha and Kody watch it with me; I’m not allowed to skip. :3 So: We watch the movie. And I love that movie. Meesha likes quoting Kirk or Admiral Marcus, and Kody (evil little brother) likes saying; Remember how Khan freezes?” He is very fond of bringing up my favorite character’s deaths and things. Anyway, with Meesha I respond back with Khan lines or just laugh at Marcus’.

Anyway; we watch this a lot. We love it. Last week when we watched it; I ate kisses. For my fangirl reasons. *sniffs at Khan* But for the die-hard Trekkies it probably wasn’t good; but I don’t care because I am not a Trekkie. I JUST LOVE KHAN THAT IS ALL. :3

So, trying to make this blog a blog I decided to tell y’all what I was doing. That and it was my night to do dishes *sigh*. Meesha decided to keep me ‘company’. =3 Which led to her changing my Of Monsters and Men on this laptop to some rap song. But it’s ok- I switched it to World on Fire. Ehehehe…. However, dishwashing, however boring it might be, is a good time for me to get thoughts together. Especially when I listen to Celtic or Emotional Music.

Well, that’s it for this post. 😉 Have a great Sunday ya’ll!


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