Cards and Candy

See that title? Yes well, that was one main part of my day. Sorta.

See today, Kody, Meesha, and I played cards. Frankly I hate card games, they’re boring to me. But having nothing else to do, I joined. Playing my music in the background of course ehehe… We played Rummy (right?), War, and that 4 card game. Well guess what- I. Lost. Every. Time. Yowza! =/ So yes; I suck at card games but hey; I always beat Kody in chess and checkers. So I guess logic games I’m good at but the chance kind of ones… Well you get the picture.

And at one point, Kody suggested we use his peppermint patties to spice up the game- whoever won got everyone else’s mints. Well in the end, I inhaled mine and Meesha’s melted. What happened to Kody’s you ask? Not important. But let’s say a losing girl snatched them. Not saying any names. 😉

Then we watched movies. Now, we’ve been without a VCR player for a long time- when my older sister brought one let’s say we’ve never rejoiced like that. :3 We’ve watched The Emperor’s New Groove many times, but today was different. Kody and Meesha put in for, wait for it, Veggie Tales. Oh good TARDIS. Now you’d think I would still like Veggie Tales, since that was ALL I watched as a baby/toddler/kid. For reals though; I’d be so engrossed in that show… X3 But I’m not fond of it anymore, I find it boring. I don’t know why, so when they turned on Silly Songs (rest assured Meesha knows every song word-for-word), I went in the bedroom. X3 When it was my turn, guess what we watched?! The Road to El Dorado! =D That is the second funniest Disney movie from The Emperor’s New Groove. It is hilarious. =D We all watched that.


Then chores. *sigh*. Yep-O. Laundry, kitchen, etc.. I’m not one to enjoy chores, but play good music on TV or hook my laptop to the speakers and I’ll work without problem! X3 Anyway; lastly, guys please wish me luck. 🙂 My Mom read These Ropes (Marie/Rierose you already know this 🙂 and she wants me to now write something that someone goes through something but comes out happy. And sadly that doesn’t count for fan things, if it did, I’d already have it done (Kingdom Come). So, I’m aiming to finish this request by Momma with Flying and Diving. Please wish me luck with it, 🙂 It’s the first book I’m going to finish by myself! XD Well, thank ya’ll for reading and God bless! 🙂


P.S. When in doubt, watch El Dorado and New Groove. 😉

3 thoughts on “Cards and Candy

  1. Haha, yep, I knew about the Mom reading These Ropes. :3 And nah, man, Veggie Tales is awesome! Never too old for them things. Especially Lord of the Beans and Rack, Shack, and Benny. Those are my favorites. 🙂 And honestly, as much as I love gaming, I don’t love too many card games. Mostly just Solitare.


      • Lol, ok, sure! I’d love to meet her. Is she an older sister or a younger sister? And yeah, chess. Although what I really love are games like Forbidden Island and Pandemic. You might like those actually; they balance technical thinking with luck, and there’s a *tiny* bit of sheer panic involved with each. XD I also play role-playing games, but we don’t need to get into that right now. That would take me all day. 😛


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