Sunday PIZZA


pizza hut

Yes this is late but hush. XD So, my last Sunday was great! It was a lazy day, until *drum roll now* LUNCH. Or dinner/lunch. Whatever mortals call it. I was actually just leaving our bedroom (sad to say I share with Meesha and Kody) and making left-over rice. See I love rice. Very much. I eat it whenever I can, if there is left-overs I finish them. When I heard Mom and Dad say something about; Do you want to pick up pizza?” Well, my very-well tuned ears heard ‘pizza’. So I dropped everything and went and listened. Luckily, with some cheering from Kody and I. pizza it was! Mom ordered, and Dad, Meesha, and I loaded in our car.

It was gloomy outside so perfect time for my brain to think; but the music. 4 words to and fro Pizza Hut and home; The music was awful. I’m Southern, I live in the South (and HAHA stalkers, you don’t know which part!). So I can’t avoid Country music. And I despise Country music. For 2 reasons;1) I plain don’t like it’s sound/tune, and 2), Really all they sing about is getting drunk and cheating.

So Country was playing. And Meesha found some pretty weird, hip songs which made her go into automatic Dance-Snap fingers- wave arms- mode. Yay for me. X3 My Dad and I just stared at her until I learned to ignore her. My bad. But a few times she looked back as some weird rap song was playing and said;You can join in anytime!” or ”You have to snap your fingers!”. Well fellows, I can assure my fingers did  no snapping. Blame my serious self, my Introverted self, or even my INTJ self. But the ride was enjoyable anyway: my Dad made sure of that.  Say Something came on. And oh my TARDIS. Daddy if you’re reading this, no offense (even though Mom tells you this a lot) you. Can’t. Sing. XD It was hilarious; he couldn’t carry the soft tune and he changed the words. But Meesha and I were both laughing so that was good. 🙂

But mortals, guess what? We reached town. First we went to Wal-mart, to get some soda. Which was a yay moment, because we rarely get soda. Downside of this: Dad had me go in with Meesha to buy. Well crap. Why? I was wearing skinny jeans and my favorite Converse shirt; but this was fine. If I had not been wearing red flip-flops. Yes: it was raining and I had grabbed flip-flops. I was in a hurry no judging! 

Luckily I got in the store without breaking my neck. As we hurried through the store my sister was quaint to say;

”See Angie! This is the real world, with people! Look at what you’re missing out on!” As she looked around us. I switched into even deeper Introvert mode and grimaced as I looked around; and purposely made myself look like a velicraptor. No lie. (Not sorry no one looked.)

Anyway; back to my out-ward appearence. I didn’t feel to bad when I saw a chunky lady wearing her PJ’s… And waited till we passed her when I whispered to Meesha;

”I don’t feel so bad anymore.”

Alas, we got the drinks. And got out, yay! =D

Then pals I have 2 words. Pizza. Hut. Or  its true name which is 6 words: Food From Heaven Sent From God.”

We got it and got back out; and we were OFF TO HOME. =D *shows my Introvert self to much*

Before we get to Home’s details may I add my other odd note; on the way home I held one pizza and a bag of drinks beside me. I was very quite protective: one hand firm on the sodas and another holding the pizza. Also; I was amazed how many words you can make from ‘DRUM ROLL PLEASE’, which was on the box. Many, if you’re wondering. That’s what I did on the way home.

Soon as we got inside; I inhaled my first piece of pizza. I ate about 3 (would have gotten maybe 4 but Dad finished off all the thin-crispies and that was all that was good to me).

Anyway; night went usual. Shower, TV, and then talked to my Loki poster in bed. x3. I do almost everynight: mainly chat with him about KC and BE… And my day. Ehehe no judging mortals. 😉 I’d like to say I got online but everyone please note: I’m not allowed to get on here past 10:00. Just to let ya know I’m not ignoring!


4 thoughts on “Sunday PIZZA

  1. Seems like it was a good day. 😀 Wish I could wear flip-flops at this time of year….I live *cue dramatic music* up north, so it’s still pretty cold. And the weather’s being annoying. Saturday was warm and nice, Sunday was freezing, and Monday was snow. *sigh* I do like snow well enough, but getting more just after the 3 feet we got last month melted? I want spring. And to own a bookstore. and a dragon.


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