Math on a Wednesday

Yes a boring title but I don’t know what else to call this. So! It’s Wednesday. Weird word. Wed-nes-day. Ha, and we say it ‘Wensday’. *sigh* Because something just will never make sense. But that is what day it it, obviously.

Basically my normal day, just not as much chores. It’s STILL gloomy outside, and cold. And windy. I think Spring hates me. Which it being this way, all I want to do is sleep. Who else doesn’t? But no; I got up. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜€ And checked SOPA; I still don’t know if it passed and I’mย freaking out it had better not pass we got OVER 100,000 votes Senate you listen!ย So I’m freaking on that; I’ve prayed really hard.

Then breakfast. When you think about breakfast, you probably think; “Oh Angela had eggs and toast!” Hahaha..Haha….Ha. No, no I didn’t. I rarely have that unless Mom absolutely tells me. I actually do not like eggs and toast, or eggs. Deviled eggs or AMAZING, but I don’t like other made eggs. :/ Today I had Captain Crunch. *laughs*, Amazing huh? Well, cereal is quick and easy. Not to mention it tastes good. Ehehe…

And then…. Dun dun dah! School. Yes, school. Well of course I do school; it’s not always easy either for those people who think homeschooler’s do nothing. -_- ย I mean, as me, school isn’t completely hard. I get good grades, but my biggest problem is not paying attention. Because usually I find it all boring; I’m not a fan of history. And my science is extremely boring. But I’m good at English for the most part! ๐Ÿ˜€ And now…. Math. Oohh I’m sure I made one of ya’ll cringe! Math is my ‘ok’ subject. I can’t say I suck and I can’t say I’m great. It depends on what I’m learning and if I really pay attention. But today’s work on everything was great: My first glance at math and I thought; I don’t what the Hades I’m doing.” But I didn’t want to get up from my bedroom floor (I usually do school in the dining room but it was a bit loud today), so I studied and winged it. No I didn’t wing it, but I figured it out by myself. So yes, I was a bit happy. XD

Right now I’m in ‘my’ room. I’m kinda hungry actually. But sadly, we’re out of Oreos. =( I used the last ones and crunched them on my ice cream last night while watching THOR THE DARK WORLD!!! =D Yes, second time we watched it and it was amazing as always. I missed Loki’s sass a lot. So it was funny to see him again. And I wanted to hug him as always; poor Loki! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And I won’t give spoilers, but my sister Tory disappointed me. She didn’t know who Loki was. And she called him the bad brother. 0-0 I stared at her (INTJ glare), mouth gaped, and when I went to bed I assured my Loki poster that she didn’t mean it and I’d teach her. X3

more like lokie two


But in Thor 2, my favroite characters are Loki (ALL THE WAY DUH) and then Darcy. Darcy is hilarious. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, other than that not much to report. ๐Ÿ˜‰



5 thoughts on “Math on a Wednesday

  1. Math. *shudders* Advanced algebra is killing me. Also chemistry. I mean, I’m keeping up, but it is really painful. I absolutely abhor those subjects. But honestly I really like history; I like looking at the overview of life. It’s reading the biography of the whole world, and I find it fascinating. And as you know I’m just a *bit* obsessed with grammar. Obviously my Advanced Comp and Rhetoric is my best subject though, I mean, literary analysis! I do that for fun! Anyway, yeah. Wednesday. Yep.


      • Actually, last year I did two years worth of history, so this year I’m not doing anything. The parts of history I DON’T like are inventors and explorers. Years of reviewing them at some point or another, and I still can’t remember the names!


  2. Okay so this is my first comment on a site such as this one. So here we go.. I agree about math it is my okay subject too. My favorite subject is chemistry though. I actually go to an online school from my house so I consider it “homeschooling”. I like literature. I finished reading Julius Caesar.(I liked it) I don’t like learning about grammar usage and mechanics, and I’d have to say it is my least favorite subject. Also apparently I have an account on here from a long time ago. That is why my pic is like a fairy or something like that.

    Talk to you later,
    Leah Welch (from pinterest)


    • Ah, cool! I’ve heard about that. No, I have PACES. Not fun, but ‘books’. Hopefully we’ll change books next year. And I mean, Lit. is fun. Science is OK too, fun. History….. Eh I dunno. Depends. But grammar is easy for me, I like it.
      And ah, old account. ๐Ÿ™‚ And nice to have you on here, Leah! ๐Ÿ˜€
      -Angela Watts (from Pinterest too)


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