I just went outside and it’s past 9:00, so it’s dark. But I love the dark, and stars.So I scurried outside and luckily the dirt was not muddy but it was cool. I hurried  our car and tried to find something I was looking for. I found nothing. So I went back inside. Then asked Dad where the medicine (what I was looking for) was. Having new instructions on where to look; I went back out.

See I talk to myself. Or people in my head (e.g, fictional people). I just do. So I was muttering as I browsed the car’s cubby. And wa-la, when I found what I was looking for, I sprinted back inside. See I never sprint; so I laughed at myself and talked to myself. And then I said after muttering about how they’re might  be a wolf or stalker out in the dark and woods;

”It’s not like anyone can hear me. No one’s out here. The only things that can hear me are the stars. And they’re probably laughing at me but- they’re dead. Ha they are! Those are past stars! So I  have the last laugh! HA!”

No seriously I said that. Then gave a loud HA and hurried back inside.

Well, just decided to say this. I don’t know why but I thought it was funny. X3 I’m off to read Hamlet.

Also, if any of my posts make ya’ll crack a smile/laugh, comment and tell? I know my Mom loves these rant things but I wanted to know if any of ya’ll got a kick out of me. 😉

Well, goodnight ya’ll! 😀 I think I’m getting a slight throat cold. X/



11 thoughts on “Stars

  1. Random Question of the Day: Why is it considered weird to talk to yourself? I do it all the time! See, in my head I never actually think in terms of English. I think in images/feelings, and consequently I never actually say things in my head. In order to get my thoughts into words I often have to say it to myself. And I do talk to characters too. But mostly I think out loud.


      • Yeah, that makes sense. My mom does that. Actually, I always thought that the difference between S and N was partly about whether you think in words/writing or if you think in images/sensations. Dad (INTJ) and I (INFJ) both think in sensations while Mom (ISTJ) thinks in words. So I don’t know. It’s weird how everybody can be so different.


      • Pfft… I made it through the problem that was giving me trouble before, but now there’s a new one I can’t do. :/ But my aunt and her family is coming next Sunday, so that’ll be cool.


      • Ack- sorry. =/ I’ve been sick the past few days and I’ve been feeling better today and yesterday so I caught up on what I was behind with- Piece of advice, if possible, never get behind on Math. x’] It took forever but I’m cool now: Math is my biggest problem still. And I got a B on English: it is never nice when some problems count as a lot of points.
        And that’s cool! =) Have fun! 🙂 Heh, I think we’re going to visit Ryan in a few weeks, but a few days ago my niece Reyna turned 1. XD


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