Ninjago Gets Revenged

Before school today, I had a main event. Haha yes. So here’s what happened…

I was wearing my Ninjago T-Shirt today, I love it. And I was in the kitchen making waffles (yeah, a waffle. My throat is dry so go figure), when Meesha came over and looked out the kitchen door/window. After having set her precious Gatorade bottle on the  counter top. She always uses it and fills it with water. She looked over at me briefly and said;

”Oh, your Ninja shirt. Nice, but you realize Ninja no longer rule the earth right?” She said it in a dull, dry matter, looking back outside.

With a blank, ‘no crap Meesha’ face, I grabbed the bottle just as Meesha reacted and she yelled ‘no!”. Quickly but face the same (except for a quick amused smirk, not sorry),I undid the cap and jugged/dumped the water out into the sink.

“Insult Ninjago again, I dare you.” I said, arm raised as the water jugged out, and I gave a smile.

”You idiot!” Meesha jerked the bottle away and I left. Let’s just say, that’s a usual day for us. XD You’re probably thinking one of us is evil, and you know what? You’re right. 😉

But that was how Ninjago got revenged by Angela Watts.



^When someone says they don’t like Ninjago


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