WEEKEND:Fangirl vs. Normal Teens

On VS= How do you spend your weekend?

GUYS IT IS FRIDAY WOOHOO! X3 So, I don’t have any plans but I’m pretty sure it’ll go like: WATCH ALL THE MOVIES.

But Friday is great and all but, my favorite day is Saturday. No school, sleep in and late bedtime. So yes: amazing. But this week’s Saturday holds another amazing perk: AMAZING GRACE IS COMING ON TOMORROW!!!!! =D I’m quite excited: I’m recording it and protecting it. Ha… It has Benedict in it as William Pitt and Amazing Grace has been recommended to me but I could never find it. But now I did. X3 After I watch it I might do an analyst of it so keep an eye out. 😉

Anyway: so I’ve noticed a lot of people go out and party, drink, go on a date, etc on the weekends. Once again I’m not like that- Do you want to know what IIIII do on a weekend? Here’s the usual list:

  1. Laptop. I usually have extra Internet time on the weekends and I do not wasting! BLOG AND PIN AND WRITE ALL THE THINGS!!!
  2. MOVIES. Yes I watch a lot of movies usually: Star Trek Into Darkness, NCIS, THAUJ, and so many more!
  3. Sleep. Yeah haha, sleep in and stay up late. Well usually sleep in- some times we have Rey.

And some days Dad has us clean well…. But the above is my main thing on the weekend.

For extra fun: Comment what you usually do on the weekend!

Oh and sometimes if I’m reaalllyy lucky we go to BAM! =)

Well, this was a quick post. Have a great weekend and week guys!



I dunno I just felt like adding Khan to underline my point.


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