Fangirl Day

Hello yes it’s me. So, Sunday… Yay. =/ Sadly, tomorrow is Monday. *sigh* Which means school. And work I guess for you adults. That is if I have adults following this blog. But moving on- I’ve been slightly behind due to being sick a few days ago but I’m caught up. But we all still have to work really hard to get done on time. Which I mean: as long as I get Summer I’m cool. XD

So Amazing Grace…. IT STOPPED HALF WAY I HAD A FANGIRL FREAKOUT!!! D= For some reason it just stopped recording after the new dude said at the Slavery-Ending meeting: This isn’t a joke.” AND IT WAS DONE AND IT DOESN’T COME ON AGAIN!!!! ='{ I nearly cried I wanted to watch it: but so far?

AMAZING movie. Loved it: Of course Benedict did a great job on William Pitt. I couldn’t help but laugh at him sometimes: When he first came on I was dying, his hair! But he pulled these faces that IIII do so many times I was pretty amused… His deadpan faces and smiles were ^-^. And the running scene, that was my FAVORITE part! He and Wilbur were like boys again, running and laughing it was so cute. ^-^


William Pitt Prime Minister


They’re such serious guys you know, any other time. All business; “We’re serious, firm guys don’t mess with us.” And all you have to do is go;”Ok here go outside.” And they’re like “=D” and turn into cute little boys. XD

Even though I know *****SPPPPPOOIIIILLLEEERRRSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***** William dies…. IT SET ME OFF ON A FANGIRL RAGE WHY DOES BENEDICT DIE ALL THE TIME?!?! Anyway….. Great movie. Since I couldn’t finish it, Mom said we’d buy it. Thank the Lord. x3

Well I really should write chapter 11 of Flying and Diving. But…. Writer’s Block maybe? Lol no that’s mainly just an excuse, though I really don’t know what tow rite. Mostly I’m bored and I’m not in my writing zone… Plus I don’t want to… *sigh* Sorry.

I also took another ‘what Benedict character are you’ Usually i ALWAYS get Sherlock: this time I GOT PATRICK WATTS. COINCIDENCE?! I THINK NOT AHAHAHAH!

Well it was a good day none the less even if I didn’t get writing done.. ;/ We had cinnamon rolls. XD

Well bye everyone.:)


I will forever love Patrick hahaha

Patrick is hilarious. XD


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