Super Saturday!

Well I expected today to be a relaxed day and we’d get to sleep in- I’ve never been so wrong. (Get that quote?)

Mom and Dad decided we’d go to BAM while Meesha went on her date. (I’m not giving personal things on this but without this detail the rest of my day won’t make sense.) We got ready really quickly and soon were on our way to our nearest BAM! =D Now if you have been reading my blog: you know that going to Books-A-Million is a treat to me. Well it is: we rarely go but when we do.. *dreamy sigh*.

This time before we went to BAM we had breakfast (Cracker Barrel forever). While eating a delicious breakfast, I asked my Mom randomly “Can we go to PetSmart?” Why? Well, I’m planning (Mom and Dad have all ready said yes) to get a Bearded Dragon. When our house dog Hope dies. I probably sound heartless and don’t wish death on the ancient Jack Russel, but I am looking forward to the new pet. Not the death, the new beardie. X3

Anyway: She said no, but since I left the subject my Mom changed her mind and said yes! =) See kids: Sometimes this works more then begging.

So, before BAM we dropped by PetSmart! And lucky me- there was in fact a little, juvenile Beardie! ^-^ He was so cute! Sleeping in the open (lucky me) but cute. I watched him as Dad pointed out the little snakes and Mom got icked out. x3 But they also had a chameloen and man those things are weird: SO SLOW. But a bit freaky; like I’m-pretty-sure-their-body-wasn’t-meant-to-bend-that-way weird. But cool. 🙂

And I saw the Guinea Pigs. ONE LOOKED SO CLOSE LIKE PERCY JACKSON I SWEAR I WAS LAUGHING. I even greet the pig by saying:

”Hello Percy, how’ve you been?”

But we made way to the Book-A-Million. I got a book- in the process finding that the second in the series I’m reading finally is paperback, so I plan on getting that. BUT OH GOODNESS I SAW THE OFFICIAL FANART FOR PJO ARE YOU SERIOUS EW NO RICK JUST NO.

Overall, it was a great day. I even saw Ender’s Game shirts in there. 🙂 When we left, we went to Walmart. There I found a Of Monsters and Men CD and though I had all ready bought my treat: they said ok. But to get the CD I have to pay it off by helping Dad work: Which is cool by me because it has Dirty Paws, King and Lionheart, and You Bones. 😀

When we got home (having doughnuts on the way home) Meesha was already home and so was her friend. I came on here, Dad went to work on his new phone, and Kody, Meesha, and her friend played. Nerf, chess, and other stuff they played… XD

It was a great day: I had a lot of fun and am very grateful for my family. ♥



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