20 Science Fiction Writing Prompts

Sometimes a really good writing prompt to start you off sparks an entire story. Here are 20 science fiction writing prompts to do just that! eheheehehehe 1. ”What do you do when the sky is your enemy?” 2. The trees are gone, all of them. The humans are still alive. 3. They were dead but leaving notes. 4. He forgot everything expect what he was put on this planet to do. 5. She always wanted to be somewhere else, she hadn’t imagined her dream world like this though… 6. The ghosts have stopped screaming. 7. The ringing never stops… 8. The animal befriended only one, and that one is gone. 9. No one knew what the kid could do, and it would have been best if no one had ever found out. 10. The sky is crashing down in 3,2,1… 11. Earth gets sucked into a whole other universe. 12. She didn’t just sell clothes in her little store, he knew. 13. His name meant destroyer. He lived up to it. 14. Why bother with humans when you have monsters to love? 15. She thought he hung the moon, sadly, he hung the king instead. 16. They were walking in circles, but they couldn’t turn around. 17. He knew he had just saw her, but she was gone. The air smelled like smoke… 18. This world is in ruins. Let’s go destroy the others. 19. We’re alone on the water of lies: Literally. 20. That was supposed to be the best day of her life, why did It have to ruin everything? Ok so there you go. Have fun. Never stop writing. You can do it! – Angela Watts


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