Ryan’s Graduation

As a few of you may know, last week I visited my older brother Ryan in Ft. Rucker. I enjoy this. I get to see him, Rachel (his wife), Ashton (4 yrs), and Ember (2). Those 2 kids are absolutely adorable. But monsters. 😉

The trip there (maybe 6 hours?) is OK. I love car rides, perfect time for thinking and resting. Music too. Downside to trips: Packing. It took me days to finish packing. I hate it, it’s hard. But we got everything ready finally. And we were off! We asked God to keep us safe and He did. We got there fine.

We went to see Ryan graduate flight school. And everything was going great until…. I got sick. I always get sick when we go. I started feeling bad on the 2nd day, and 2 days after that I felt human. Of course, we were leaving then. We stayed 5 days. But I got some time with everyone. I get what Ryan explains when he talks about his flying and stuff. So that was cool. I even put on his helmet: Pretty cool. Snug: I couldn’t hear anything so that was nice.

And on the last day I gave Ashton and EmEm horse rides on my back. Ashton got the hang of riding me like a horse: Ember would just lean and hug. But that was OK: I could even move when both of them got on. It was fun watching Ashton and Kody play like wild Indians ehehe.

But one day we went outside to their small fish pond. And there were tiny baby frogs: About the length of a penny but skinnier than a pencil. I handed one to Ashton OK, and he just drops it on a rock and steps on it. He just smashes it. He did this a few more unlucky times…

Ladies, gentlemen… I’ve watched some weird, bad, gross movies. The Hobbit was nothing compared to how horrified I was.

When the day came for us to leave- Kody wasn’t feeling good. So after we said good bye to everyone and helped Ryan, Rache, Ash, and Em pack (they’re moving), we left. We had to stop once because Kody gets car-sick easy.

Thank God we got home safe. Our home was good too.

It was fun. I’m glad we got to go see Ryan graduate because he is awesome and works hard.

God bless ya’ll, anyone need some prayers?



^Ryan on Family day, where the graduate’s families came and saw 2 Blackhawks they were flying.


Ryan making burgers. Using a USA shaper…. That was interesting XD


Ryan and I at his graduation. Congrats Ryan, you deserved it so much. ♥


Ashton is fabulous: Your argument is invalid.


Em and I. I don’t know that lady in the back though, hi random lady!


We went to a park. Ryan, Rache, Meesha, and Kody ran. I stayed with Dad, Momma, Tory, Josh, and of course, Ash, Em, and Reyna! 😀 Ashton walked/balanced the whole black blocker. He’s so sweet.


Tory and Reyna (or Reymay). 2 messes but pretty smiles. 😉


Kody loved it. We all did. Grandma and Papa came too, they had fun as well. And c’mon: I got to sit in the pilot’s seat in a Blackhawk! Epic.


Great so! I finally found a recent, everyone in the family pic. (except Grandma and Papa aren’t in here, they didn’t make it to the graduation only the family day).

So, let’s see. Starting at the left and moving to the right… First lady is my Momma, she’s behind Kody, behind Momma is my amazing Dad. In front of Dad is Meesha. Meesha is holding Reyna, then there’s me. Behind me is Tory. Then there’s Ryan, in front of Ryan is Ashton. Then there’s Rachel in the red shirt, she’s holding Ember. Whew: That’s my family! Love ’em all to death.

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