Liebster Award

Wow. I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. I’m blown away! Thank you SO much Megan Jane for nominating me! Check out her blog will you, ladies and gents. Rustic Remains She’s an amazing girl, inspiring, and awesome writer.

First, the rules which I pasted from Megan…

// Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.

// List 11 facts about yourself.

// Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.

// Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can’t nominate the blogger who nominated you).

// Ask them 11 questions.

// Let them know about the nomination.

OK so 11 facts about myself… Um..

1. I love music. A lot. Lots of music. Not country or rap though.

2. I like making others happy. I’m not a always cheerful person and come off a bit intimating but I love making people happy.

3. I don’t have outside the house, off-line friends. I’ve tried. Doesn’t work out…

4. I love colors. Black, turquoise blue, greens, red, etc.

5. I love Adam Young. End of story. He’s amazing.

6. I have both parents. Both amazing parents. I love them to death.

7. I don’t like being looked down on, bossed, or having people think they’re better than me. I don’t think anyone does actually…

8. I’ve been to states out of my home state. Many others places. I’m an adventurer.

9. I make killer cookies/cakes.

10. I like animals. And kids.

11. I love the country (which is where I live). It’s a whole ‘nother experience. 🙂 But I love other places too.

OK so there we go… Now I have to nominate 9 bloggers. OK let’s see… *(UPDATED)*

Kendra. Blog Tale She’s a closer Internet Pal and has some cool posts about Norse Mythology.

Joy. {Doodlebug} I just really love her posts and her faith (She’s a Christian). Awesome girl.

Rachel. This Sunkissed Farm I love her blog too! Great posts and again, she’s a awesome Christian girl.

Brenna. Dips and Dabbles She’s nice and has funny posts, I consider her an online pal.

Emma.  {read dream write}  She has pretty cool stuff. =D A great personality shines on that blog.

Margaret. Blenders and Phobias She’s nice and a Christian. Lovely girl.

OK then those are the blogs I enjoy the most. 🙂

Now I will answer Megan J.’s questions! 😀 *still so happy* Here are the questions, and I shall answer them below…

Megan’s Q’s/

1: Do you prefer tea of coffee?

2: Would you rather explore an empty church or a deep green forest?

3: If you had a dragon, what would you call him/her?

4: Would you rather write a book or song lyrics?

5: Are you the kind of girl who goes out and tries to make friends, or would you rather hide away in a corner?

6: What is your favorite day of the week?

7: Which season is the most refreshing to you?

8: What would you like to do better: walk around barefooted like a Hobbit, or wear boots all the time like a Dwarf?

9: Do you prefer the country to the city, or the city to the country?

10: Are you fond of big crowds?

11: And lastly, what one miracle you can think of that God has done for you?

My Answers/

1.TEA! I love tea, lots of different kinds of tea. 🙂

2. Oh that one is hard. Um… I guess Church. I actually don’t go to Church and explore our woods a lot. Who knows what could happen!

3. Well, if it was a girl, Shalom. If it was a boy, Glaurang.

4. Write a book.

5. Ehe, corner…

6. Saturday. No school, sleep in, stay up late. Perfect.

7. Hmm… I love Fall. But Spring is beautiful.. I’m going with Fall. 🙂

8. Well, barefoot.

9. COUNTRY. 🙂 I like the city though just not near as much.

10. Nope. I don’t like them. I can survive but no thanks…

11. God has done me a lot of miracles. Whether I think of them a lot or not. I guess one miracle is my family. I know having them all is rare. I thank Him daily for that. And my brother living healthy is a miracle.

That was fun! OK so now I’ll ask my nominated bloggers Q’s. 🙂 Thanks again, Megan. 🙂 ♥

Alright ladies! Here we go.

1. Who’s your favorite villain and good guy?

2. A sad or happy ending?

3. Favorite season? Fall? Spring? Why?

4. Would you rather go on an adventure with a fictional person of your choice OR go on an adventure with a real person of your choice?

5. Favorite color, and why?

6. Are you the girl who everyone likes automatically or then one who intimates people and watches quietly?

7. Favorite accent?

8. Country or City?

9. Favorite top 3 bands/singers?

10. What makes you happy?

11. Something God did for you that you will always remember, big or small?

OK ya’ll. Thank you. I hope you have fun. 😀 God bless, He loves us all, I hope you have a great day.

-Angela R. Watts

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