The verse I chose today is:

Psalms 118:24 ”This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” 
OK so. Short, light enough right? Nope. Sounds lame, but pay attention to it. 
I have a lot of days where everything seems wrong and the world hates me. Can you relate? Probably. But we just have to look at this Scripture and see we’re wrong. 
Each day alone is a miracle. Think about it. God made today for all of us. For a reason. So no matter how sucky or boring it may be, be glad that it happened. Because each day forms you. Each day is important, because you thought, did, or found something new. And that alone changes all the other days. So rejoice because something, no matter how big or small, whether to you or someone else, great happened today. It’s worth it, because no day is wasted. That alone is something to be glad for, huh? 
 Still upset? Some stuff that happens is bigger. Maybe you’re sad because you lost your pet dog. If so, doesn’t seem like such a rejoice-able day. Of course, mourning is going to happen. But remember, the event shaped your future anyway. You’ll never forget it, right? That right there has just changed the way you act and feel toward a lot. So, even the bad stuff makes us each day. 
There’s a reason God puts pain, hurt, and struggles in our lives. It builds us for the future. It makes us. It reminds us. Teaches. Doesn’t make it any easier though, I know. But don’t forget OK?
Well, just wanted to share this verse. Because each day is worth it. Each day deserves to be enjoyed, because our days here on Earth are numbered. And the Lord made these days, he doesn’t want them wasted. He wants them to be enjoyed. 
-Angela R. Watts



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