Hello people. Tis me. Duh.

So anyway… I’ve been busy. PFFT! No. I’m kidding. I’ve been drawing though. 🙂 And unfollowing people on Pinterest again. I do that lately- have huge unfollowing sprees. Few reasons: They’re getting boring. They’re annoying. And I’m tired of having to many numbers on my following list. 😛

So that’s been tedious.

But the 4th of July is comin’ up. 😀 We got a ton of fireworks and all that dangerous stuff. My favorite thing is sparklers. That’s actually the only thing I picked out when Dad, Meesha, Kody, Tory, Josh, and I went to the fireworks tent. 🙂 They’re blinding fun. Literally.

So, since you’re following me, prepare.

Remember those who have fought for our great country. Pray and don’t forget the ones fighting for the United States of America. Respect them that have died and that put their lives on the line for OUR FREEDOM.  ♥

While you’re having fun, stay safe OK. Follow the rules. Try and keep all fingers…

I know my family will have a great time because Kody has made sure of it. XD He loves the holidays. He’s prepared us all for a 4th of July fun time.

Anyway, uh, goodbye. *The Looney Tunes Show Daffy voice* HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! *turns into Daffy, blowing huge fireworks/bombs at people’s houses.* Sorry I just really love TLTS Daffy.


-Angela R. Watts

A prayer to God:

Dear Messiah,

Thank you for our freedom. Thank you for the men that fight for it. For us. I pray for them that risk their lives daily, keep them safe and show them your love Father. Thank you for the ones that gave their lives, thank you brave men. Thank you for our freedom and independence that makes this country great, and please protect America, from ourselves and others.

Yahweh’s name.


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