Yellow Thoughts

Hi. It’s been 4 days since I last updated my blog. Not. Dead.


Independence Day was awesome. That evening/night we had fireworks and stuff.

Saturday morning we (as in Momma, Meesha, Kody, and I) went to the Library. Meesha volunteers. I stopped going (home alone :D) but this time, it was a golden opportunity. Why? Well, I’ve been recommended an anime, Fairy Tail. But our home wifi sucks. So, going to the library lets me stream Netflix. So, that’s what I did the whole time there. Watched FT. Which is awesome so far, by the way.

I loved Natsu from the beginning. Lucy is growing on me. Gray was favorite at first sight. And Happy makes me happy. I’m sure the rest will grow on me but still.

The story line is fun too. Wizards. 🙂 Let me tell you, Natsu has the most epic power I’ve seen in a while. He can eat fire and then use it, like a dragon. He’s a wizard of course. So that’s sweet. And he’s just a funny dude. Quietish, and very blunt/unfiltered. Show off. But I love him. He’s loyal and compassionate so far. And at the same time he’s childish he’s mature. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense. LOL nope kidding.







Anyway… I recommend it too. No cursing, nothing inappropriate. Even Gray’s ‘stripping’ isn’t bad cuz he has underwear on. I actually find it hilarious.


I baked peanut butter cookies today. Delicious. Cleaned. I’ll do archery later. Love archery. I’ve been drawing. Here.


L from Death Note


Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail


This masterpiece.


Loki also from Fairy Tail


And him. So yeah…

I’m also working on a cartoon project. It’s cute.

Today is sunny. Makes me happy lol. I want to get out.

I’ve been inspired to write some more blog posts so expect some about other stuff. X3 Not just journaling. I’ll do some stuff of the Bible and inspiring stuff. Sooner or later. I’m also trying to work on a book. While thinking about another one I started a while back… I’ll get on them yes. 😉

I love blogging so much though haha.

Welp, have a great day. 🙂 Also, tell your loved ones you love them. OK. Bye.

-Angela R. Watts


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