Bright Light

Hello y’all! Sorry I have not been on here in a while. I’m working on When It Rains, not FAD… Heh sorry. And I’ve been pinning a TON. XD So fun. I started a Southern/Country board because, well, it’s me. ‘Course I did.

Anyway, I realize I promised another Bible thing, and I have not done one. My apologies. But I won’t do it today, because I am doing this. But I do have a verse! 😀 I may do it tomorrow…

Lately, life has been quite busy. Lots of chores. My Dad has quit work to work here at home: He now has a shop, that he has been building for a short while now. It did not take him long because my Dad used to be a carpenter, OK, and he can build anything. I mean anything. He built the house we’re livin’ in, he built houses for other people, he built shelters (we used to have chickens and goats long story), he can build cabinets, huge bookshelves, anything. And the stuff is good. My Dad also, and loves, can fix anything wrong with a car. So, that is what he does now. He has a shop and is workin’ on cars. He’s great. So, that’s been goin’ on haha. 🙂 My bro Kody is havin’ a ball out there, too. I actually don’t like cars, and don’t know much about them ’cause they don’t interest me a lot, but I can jumpstart one. 😉

Anyway… We’ve been buying beans from the Amish. I’ve peeled the shells off so many beans and peas my fingers were purple for the dye. XD But the ones we have now are easier.

I went out yesterday and took some pictures of the outside. Sadly, I cannot seem to get them off my Mom’s tablet. Please pray that for my birthday I get an actual camera. 😉 But I love nature. Now days it seems hard to be surrounded by God’s amazing world and not have it seemingly ruined by humans. Fortunately, I live in the country. If not surrounded by Amish hehe. 😉 And where I stand, this world, when not swarmed with humans, is beautiful. I mean, I was picking at the green grass as Reyna played with rocks, and couldn’t help but marvel. Everything God made out here seems so pure. I mean, everything has a place and a beauty, if hidden. Sometimes it seems that God is with everything, seeping out of his creations. His works are beautiful. Beautiful. Country sunsets, for example, are art! The pinks, purples, blossoming out of the blue sky is awesome. The clouds, are just whimsy. And the birds are marking their territory with their voices. The breeze too. And the trees. And the wildflowers that are slowly disappearing as summer ends. The sun… I love it.

And at night. The stars and the moon are beautiful. Maybe I’m the only one who is just in love with all of this, but that’s OK, I think.

But in all of this, I realize that my God is an awesome God. God has an eye for beauty. When I think about it, I don’t think God makes ugly things. Maybe some person finds something ugly, say a spider, but those aren’t ugly either. My point is here, right here, is I’m tired of girls thinkin’ they’re ugly because the Bible states that God made humans in his image. That’s all you need to know. So, next time you think your un-flat stomach is something that you hate, remember that God loves you. And I think that means that yeah, He loves your body too. And you need to love your body too. Because it’s your temple for God. Which, along with being healthy in areas of eating and exercising, is also something that you need to learn to love so when you offer it to God in any way He seems fit to use you, it will mean something. Because you are beautiful and no I’m not just saying that. I’m not the one to give compliments, you should know this if you know me some, but I’m serious. And maybe, your eyes are uneven. Maybe you hate your nose, or your eye/hair color is wrong. Or you hate the style of your stubborn hair, or maybe you are disgusted with your legs or stomach. But girl, is that all there is? Really? It’s not! Don’t take your blemishes as a curse just because it’s not what YOU want, but take it as a blessing because God chose you and gave you your body. And He thinks you’re beautiful too. Just remember, the next time you want to skip a meal, that God made your appearance with love. It makes me sad when I hear girls (and myself!) hate themselves for something stupid. Can you imagine how it must make God feel? I’m sure he is disappointed and somewhat sad, because he wants you to like yourself. He wants you to focus on something important. Your heart. Now, I hope I’ve cleared your head a bit, so shall we move onto somethin’ else?

Lately, I’ve had a hard time keeping close to God. It seems whenever I get close, I slowly stop reading my Bible, and get ‘too busy” to pray. Now, I’m ‘back’. And I’m incredibly ashamed of my childish behavior. And the fact that I’m human and sin so much breaks my heart because I feel like I’m disappointing my Father. It seems all I do is apologize, get forgiven, repeat. And reading my Bible, I remembered a simple fact: God is my Father. Father. I thought about my Dad. My birth dad. The one who hugs me when I’m sad and makes me laugh. The one who pulls the Dad card when needed. And I realized, isn’t that what God is? I’ve been imagining God for a while now as someone who stays upset with me, who is disappointed in me because it seems all I do it say sorry. Last night I remembered this fact, a small fact, and it has helped my sight. Once more I have remembered that God is my Father, which means that yeah He’ll discipline me, but He’ll always love me. No matter what I do, He’ll be there for me. And I want to please Him so badly. I want to do what He wants me to do. I don’t know what that is, but I think I will. Even if it’s spreading the Gospel; I say this because I believe I’ll be very bad at it. I’m not really a verbal story-teller, my Mom is, but I’m not. I’m not good at speech. But if God shows me that’s His will, I’d try my best. Because He died for me, I’m willing to do what He wants because I love Him back.

I also want to address the fact that in today’s generation, well, I don’t have much faith in humanity anymore. But I want to be different. I’m tired of kids my age or older, being utter fools. Being arrogant and ignorant and not wanting to be different. Being rude or lazy and being proud of it. I’m sick of it. If it keeps going like the world is goin’, we’re screwed. God help us.

Oh ya’ll guess WHAT?!?! I got Ocean Eyes by Owl City. I haven’t stopped playing it, it’s beautiful too. God has indeed blessed Adam Young with a pure talent. ♥

So, I want to start somewhere. If anyone has a prayer request, please comment! I will pray if God tells me too. Thank you. I want to help. ♥

I also suggest, let me get this out there haha, Brunuhville. I am in love with Celtic music. And emotional, sad, instrumental music. Celtic is in my veins and flies in my heart. I am Scotsh and Irish… Anyway, that man is amazing (Brunuhville) and you can find his stuff on Youtube. 🙂

Anyway… I’m on drawing hiatus. I drew some things a few days and since… My brain is goin’ “Art? What? How do I art? How do I think?” x3

I made peanut butter cookies last night. I ate like 3 cookies- raw dough before I cooked them. I like raw cookie dough OK if I die like that so be it… 😛

Well, I hope ya’ll are doing OK.  Anyway, God bless.

-Angela R. Watts


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