Hey ya’ll. It’s me. Sorry I’ve been gone for a while with no notice heh. I’ve been busy. Babysittin’ my 1 year old niece Reyna. Whew! She’s a handful. But sweet when she wants to be. 😉

So that’s been busy. And I’ve been readin’ from my Bible. I read Leviticus which I loved of course. I’m working on Revelations right now.  ♥

So now that I am back, I shall be posting again. Yay…

Anyway so life has been good lately. By babysittin’ while my sis Tory works with Dad on cars, I’m being payed every week. So I’m back in the game of saving money for *rock drum role*……A HORSE. Yeah. A horse. I was saving for a typewriter but then decided that seriously, I’ve been wanting a horse for a while, I should start saving so when I can get one I’m ready. So, that’s my goal.

And I school starts in a few weeks. Eh. Not pumped but oh well. I’ll work hard as always, my Mom is my teacher so I have perks. For everyone starting school soon too: Good luck. Ya do great.

I’m browsing Pinterest and laughing like every minute sometimes SNK gets so funny.

Well, just wanted to say hi right now. Adios.



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