Abortion is Wrong

So someone on Pinterest made a comment on one of my against abortion pins, and I didn’t respond because Pinterest only allows so many characters in one comment. Besides, I didn’t have time at that moment to respond. But I did come up with this. Here is her comment (it will go anonymous however)

”Why am I? Because women should have a choice. Yes I know it’s killing children that didn’t get a chance to live their life. By what about the women who are forced to have a baby they don’t want? The quote “send us someone to cure cancer, aids, etc. I did but you aborted them.” It could also be, I did but you forced them to support a child they didn’t want and for that they couldn’t go to college to help find a cure. There’s that as well. And that’s why.”


 I read it and got extremely angry. I don’t get full-blown angry easy. I pretend to be angry, and I get annoyed/irritated a lot, but never really plain angry. This was a different story. I was so upset I went outside and did some bad archery (pulling back a bit to hard because I lost an arrow). When my head was a bit more cleared (I did a lot of muttering), I came inside. But did not respond. 

Well, now I am responding to the world-wide fight of whether abortion is right or wrong.

 So it’s obvious people know it’s killing but they’re so caught up in ‘women’s choices’ to know or think. That sickened me. It made me so angry. 

 I have not heard the quote ”send us someone to cure cancer, aids, etc. I did but you aborted them.” And while it may be true, it misses things. That baby you murdered, why did it have to be something huge to be missed? The thing is is that that child was a child. A human being. Living. And he/she could have been anything (someone to cure cancer or that Walmart worker) and still should be missed. Important. Because he/she was. Don’t pull that crap in the child having to be something huge to be important. You bring the quote into it and wrap your stuff in the child being the cure for cancer, that shouldn’t matter. If he wasn’t, he was still a person. He was still going to change this world. And taking the life he didn’t get to live is wrong. It’s murder. Murder like that is wrong.
Abortion is flat out wrong. It’s murder. Why is it OK to murder innocent babies, not even out of self-defense, when people freak out with anger when someone does kill someone in self-defense? I see people get to ticked off when SOLDIERS kill people. Are you kidding me? They’re soldiers/marines/vets/etc. They are protecting our country from the bad guys. That’s their job. Kill the bad guys so the bad guys don’t kill us. They’re not murdering, it’s called defense. The bad guys strike first. The good guys love America and they fight back. Losing their lives, most likely, in the process. And instead of respecting the men and women who fight, we point fingers and curse them? That’s wrong. And the people who do it will get punished. God has promised that. I don’t have to go into it much, but I am saying it’s childish.
  People say women should have a choice, that meaning it’s their choice to murder their child. And while women do have a choice, why is killing the answer? Abortion is not the only way. Adoption is. I think adoption should be the only way. And about women having such a choice: News flash, THE CHILD IS NOT THEIR BODY. IT IS A SEPARATE HUMAN BEING. It’s against the law for any other murder, right? Why is killing innocent babies OK? Why, because :
Obama makes people believe abortion is ‘choice for women’ but it’s not their choice. Obama is lying to people to believe that. When really, he is doing something called “Population Control.” He’s controlling America’s population in an awful, twisted way and lying about it. Tricking people into thinking that abortion is OK, that it’s OK too kill if the pregnancy wasn’t convenient.
Now, I’m sure people are still saying: Yeah but what if the pregnancy wasn’t planned/wanted? Yeah, rape happens.Sometimes they don’t get to choose,  but you know what? That still doesn’t make abortion OK.
And sometimes you do get pregnant anyway (married), not wanting too. But one fix is for the latter is: Don’t have sex if you don’t want a kid. Period. Sex is meant for population, not for killing. God made it that way. And if you were making love but had something to make you not get pregnant (birth control); Yeah, things happen. Women do get pregnant anyway. But ya know what, adoption is the better choice. Because that’s a human life you’re throwing away, not just some rag doll. Please be an adult and make the better choice, adoption. Cowards find it easy to kill. Cowards. It’s the easy choice, yeah. But it’s never the right choice. It should never be a human’s choice to kill like that, not even out of self-defense. Out of pure cold-blood because you didn’t want a kid. And by not choosing abortion, you don’t always have to choose adoption. Give yourself a chance. Hold the baby. I’m really sure you’ll find a change of heart and find that you love that bundle more than anything in the world and you want to protect it. 
 There are so many things to do instead of abortion. Please be strong and don’t murder children. America is in danger and not even from other countries: America is falling on itself. 
Why is this kind of murder OK nowadays? Because people are so obsessed over ‘change change change’ that they are forgetting common sense. Forgetting morals. Forgetting the right against the wrong. 
-Angela R. Watts



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