Proverbs 12:11

I have been wantin’ to do this verse for a while. So here goes.

“He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread…” -Proverbs 12:11

I love this verse. And I think America needs it in the state we are in. With Obama’s shout for ‘equality’, lazy people can be lazy. They don’t want to work, and now they don’t have to. Life is given to free-loaders. And the ones who work hard for what they get, are losing things. Because taxes is getting higher. And those taxes go to the lazy ones. So, the ones with jobs are getting slammed down and can barely make it, and the lazy, jobless ones are on top of the world because they have money given to them. What happened to the simple thing, work hard for what you get? When did people get so moral-less?

I’m also going to say: Since when do kids and teenagers alike get to do nothin’? My Mama knows a family where the teenagers stay on their phones all day and when they get home from school, they do nothing. No cooking dinner, no chores, they go to their rooms. What’s life like in the Watts family? Well, we do chores. We don’t have a dish-washer, so we take shifts on washing dishes. Us kids (Meesha, Kody, and I) take care of laundry. And not just ours either. That’s ridiculous. We do it. We sweep, clean the bathroom, and tidy things. And Meesha, Mama, and I cook dinner. Meesha cooks breakfast or Mama does. At the store, us kids help. We get things too. We put things on the checkout counter (I’ve noticed kids/teens just watch their Mom do this.) We work together with our parents and work. If we get left home alone and forget a chore, well, it wouldn’t be pleasant.

Why do others get to let their parents do everything? One day they’ll realize that life isn’t easy as stayin’ in their room and texting. Life will bite them hard.

So, about the verse, I want everyone to remember it. Heh yeah. Because it’s true. If you work hard for somethin’, really hard, and pray. Pray a lot. And work, then you will be satisfied. Now, what does satisfied mean? Well here,

  1. contented; pleased.
    Now, I don’t believe that means you will necessarily ALWAYS get what you wanted. But it will mean that if you work and pray, you will be satisfied. Which means that God will make sure what needs to happen, happen. Like, say for example, you try really hard out for the swimming team, and don’t get in. (not the best example but shh) You tried really hard right? But even though you’ll be angry and upset, it doesn’t mean all of that work was for nothing. Your work is never for nothing, even if it’s for something else than it’s intended purpose.
     But God says that if you prepare and work, than you will be treated and contented. Let that sink in. So, why stress? I’m a slight worried myself, so that’s one reason I love this verse. It’s basically saying; If you work hard, don’t stress because everything will be OK. Whether the OK you expected, or God’s OK. And no matter what, remember God’s OK and plans are always better than ours.
    So work hard and pray. You shall be satisfied as the Lord says.
    God bless ya’ll. ♥
    -Angela R. Watts

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