My Sunshine

“You are my sunshine. . .”

The tires stop.

“My only sunshine. . .”

He steps out of his car. He walks to the gravestone.

”You make me happy. . .”

He kneels.

”When skies are gray. . .”

Thunder. Rain begins to pour as his eyes fill with tears.

”You’ll never know, dear. . .”

He places a small bouquet of tiny red roses on her grave.

”How much I love you. . .”

He reads her much loved and remembered name, the one he caught himself mumbling everyday. He closes his eyes.

”Please don’t take. . .”

He slumps as the rains soaks him, chilling his already chill body.

”My sunshine. . .”

His body jerks as he sobs.

”Away. . .”

-Angela R. Watts


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