R.I.P. Hopie

Today, September 20th, 2014, Hope (aka; Hopie, Doodle, etc…), our family house dog, died. She was ancient; around (human) 15 years, around 91 in Dog Years. She was a Jack Russel mix, was fatter, and had a brown spot the shape of a heart.

She was a family dog, and was, well, a good dog. She could get annoying, but I always loved her.

We always expected to find her in her bed, but no. Old dogs have this thing about leaving to die. My Uncle’s dog, Oreo, did this too. Hope got left outside and well, we can only imagine she wanted to be alone to die. She’s gotten left outside before; but she always whines and scratches at the door. Not this time.

Now, last night Mama, Dad, Meesha, and Tory looked everywhere. (I was no help, I was dead asleep and nobody woke me up) But they didn’t find her. We think she left in our woods (which are all around us) to die. She loved the outdoors so it makes sense.

But still, I have a faint hope of her showing up today. I mean, c’mon, we were all seriously deciding she wasn’t gonna die.

But this morning sucked. I got up and Meesha told me everything, and Mama was crying and I HATE seeing my family cry.

So, please pray that we can find her body because we want to bury her. Thanks. OR better yet, she isn’t dead and is just lost. In this case, please pray we find her.


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