Indian Pow-Wow

So today was a Cherokee Indian Pow-Wow a few small towns away, and it started at ten. But we didn’t get there till 11 somethin’.  The drive there wasn’t long but felt like it because Josh is a slow driver. (No offence dude but seriously lol…)  The drive was beautiful. I love our hills and mountains. 🙂 But we did not miss the dancing. 🙂

I have to say: It was awesome! I felt right at home, a ceremony that was truly hearty. My family has Cherokee in us, so it was really cool to experience the events and culture. It was not fancy and I loved it. There were real Cherokees, and the Veterans there were faithfully respected (which was awesome). We first got there and after Dad nearly hitting a tree and car in the tiny tiny tree full parking spot; right as the dancing started. They had real Indian drums which were actually really neat sounding. 3 guys did on drum, and when they were given breaks, 2 women were doing another one. It was fun hearing the drums and their singing. The speaker (who was good-natured, Cherokee…) was fun. And I was proud when the American flag, our state flag, and a flag saying “We Support Our Troops” were center stage. 🙂

Tory went and danced, and soon after (few minutes later), it came to the women dancing. I wasn’t planning on dancing, ‘kay, I told Mama I just wanted to watch. But one of the dressed up ladies came up to us and ushered Tory, Meesha, and I to the area where the dancing was taking place, a piece of rope giving the idea. So I had no choice. 🙂 The lady was really nice, and before we started she told us what to do: It was fairly simple, step with your toes pointed down (kinda like a ballerina thing?) and kinda walk like that to the beat of the drums. Well, as always, easier said than done. It took me a while to get the hang of walking like that. But, I admit, it was fun. I’ve always hated having public spot-light on me. Still do really. I never thought I could get on stage. But this, standing in center of attention of over at least a 100 people (I drama not)… Was not actually that bad. I wasn’t worried about having eyes on me. I didn’t get nervous. My biggest worry is that I had the wrong beat- I’m still not sure what beat I was supposed to go along with ehehe. But it was fun! We went around the thing once, or twice, then the lady whispered to us (as in only Meesha, Tory, and I) that we should go out of the rope-arena (I have no other name for it sorry) backwards. As a sign of respect, she told us. No one else did, I noted then, but us girls did. Of course, my whole head went like this: OK sure, not sure why, but yeah. Oh crap. Stakes. I go backward I am gonna fall into the flippin ropes ah well. Here goes. I AM ALIVE YEAH”.

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When we met Dad, Mama, Kody, and Josh, Kody and Josh informed me that they had pictures and videos. (In a teasing way because they are dudes and know what I don’t like.) Mama hugged me. Because she’s Mama and knows I don’t usually like that kinda stuff and she’s awesome. 🙂

Then, we looked around. The usual tent thingies had been set up, with Indian goodies. Real animal skins (I have not ever seen a weasel skin that was cool), feathers, beads, plenty of jewelry, hair pieces, moccasins, clothes, tomahawks, clubs, Indian toys (little wooden dolls wrapped in skin), etc. One Cherokee guy had a tent with jewelry: And ear things. He made them out of metal wire, Tory, Meesha, Mama, and I got one. They wrap around your ear and go down; they’re really pretty.

Then I got moccasins. Real ones. With fringes on the heels. I like ’em; comfy and quiet. 🙂 Plus, she told us that they will soften and grow the longer we wear ’em, but if they get too big, we put them in the dryer and they will shrink. They can be washed in the washer. (They will shrink if dried in dryer though)


Of course, Meesha made straight way to the food tent. 😛 I got a Sprite (don’t you judge me:P) and found Tory had a feathered bead hair clip. It’s so pretty! Reyna (of course had been brought she Tory’s kid) was given a few goodies for free. I believe it is her big blue eyes and toothy smile that gave her the leather stick with bells, 2 Indian baby dolls, and something else (I forgot). 🙂

We looked around for a while and the dancing continued. I wanted to join but missed my chances. Oh well… A drummer and older man played the flute a few times. It was beautiful. ♥ Then the drummer told us the story of the flute as the Natives put it. I won’t tell you it because you seriously need to hear it spoken by him. 😛 It was really nice. I liked it. 🙂

There was also a dance called the Hunter’s Dance. It was cool. The guys who wanted too went in the rope-arena (which by the way wasn’t that big) and the music changed (duh) and they did a dance that a Hunter would do. They checked the ground for prints and then killed animals. In a dance way of course. You had to be there.

So then Tory got this belt with like 300 or 3,000 (I really don’t remember) gems/rocks on it. That was neat. Really fit her. Kody finally got a hatchet. 🙂 I like that thing. That one sharp thing it nice. x3

For $1, we got a page of The Legen of the Dream Catcher. Tory got 2 dreamcatchers. They are pretty, but I don’t believe in them. But then again, it is folk tale/lore. Despite my feelings, it is what it is, and that’s really neat to me. That even after all this time, that kinda stuff is still around.

I got a hair piece like Tory’s. 🙂

(Tory doing it.)

Love it. Oh, then when I was lookin’ for Meesha, I found her in a big Tepee. A real one. The poles were made of cedar, as one really nice, funny dude told us. (He’s been around since the beginning of the event, going around, getting people involved, dancing…) It was big. The tallest guy could stand in it easily, it was a life Indian Tepee. And I learned that in the Cherokee tribes, it was the women who owned the homes. I guessed it out loud correctly, using my knowledge of the Vikings to help. I had a hunch it was similar to the other, and I was right. So that was cool. 🙂

One of the my perks of the event was helping take a few photos for 2 older ladies. I offered, hoping to help, and luckily there were no cameras dropped and no offers turned down. :]

It was a really fun event. I had a great time. 🙂 My family did too. Before we got in our truck, Kody showed Meesha and I our early birthday presents: 2 red bracelets for Meesha and a necklace with a tiny American Eagle and beads for me. 🙂 I love it. Kody is amazing. ♥

I still have my ear thing on. I am now wearing my moccasins at the dinner table. I am always at the dinner table when I blog. Always. :] I have to go delete a board on Pinterest (God gave me a feeling again of not needing that show.) so I must go. Good day, ladies and gents. And God bless. God bless America, this beautiful land, and God bless our troops. ♥

-Angela R. Watts

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