Great, Long-Wanted News!

So, as some (as in only 2 people. . .) know, I have great news! As you all should know (if ya been payin’ attention hehe), my Grandma and Papa are movin’ up! But since the beginning, plans have been changed. They plan on gettin’ different land, but that doesn’t matter because there is still like, HUNDREDS OR OVER acres of forest/grass AROUND US. XD So no big D. But the big thing was that Papa said he was going to pay off OUR land. Everything on our land is payed off- save the land, which was more than half payed for. But Papa said he would pay it, and that leaves more hings for us to accomplish! *super excited*

So, Papa wants cows. Lots o’ cows. Meat cows. So that’s cool. 🙂 But the bigger things to me are these; Dad wants a farm again. And by again I mean we used to have one. 3 goats, chickens, and Tory had 2 horses for a while. But we were running low on money and sold the goats, sold one horse (Tory kept Blue though), and of course, they chickens finally died off.

I’m really happy that Dad wants one too. We’re going to help keep up Papa’s cows. I’m going to (well, others tool, but Papa said he wanted me to) help Grandma with her chickens. 🙂 She wants them, as a hobby, and I know about chickens so that’s cool. Plus, we’ll most likely have chickens too.

But once they move up here, we gone be busy! We have to fence a lot and get stuff ready. And, on top ‘o that, we’re workin’ on Tory’s addition to our house, along with Meesha’s new bedroom. But hey, Dad’s thee best builder and worker eva so I have no worries. PLUS, all kids will be pitchin’ in, duh. 😀

But alas, I don’t even care what work I have to do. I’m all in. Why? Because, as you all know, I’ve wanted a horse for the past 3-4 years. Since we moved here, back in the country. We’ve lived here for 5 years. We love it. And I’ve wanted my own horse since. And I’ve always gotten the same answer; “When we have the money, when the house is built.” Etc. But this time, while we were discussing plans for the farms, I asked again. And this time, I got a yes. Since the land is payed off, we can build our house (the bigger one on our land) sooner. WHICH MEANS I CAN GET A HORSE SOONER! GOODNESS I AM HAPPY! I know it won’t be right away, but you cannot believe what happiness it brings to hear my parents actually talk about and sound not tired! And Dad even said; you can’t run a farm without a horse.”

Now, I know that plans can change, but I’m optimistic right now. I’ve prayed for a horse for forever. And I’ve waited. And now, I’m still praying and asking the Lord if that if this is what His will is, that I am so grateful. I’ve thanked Him, even if it hasn’t happened yet. I pray it will, and I think and hope He’ll help me get a horse. If not, I’ll be sad, but so be it. I trust Him. I gave up on gettin’ a horse, thinking that when I finally got one, I wouldn’t have time. But now, I really think God wants me to get one. I’ll keep praying for God’s guidance and I’ll pray on it, and of course, I’ll see his answer in the year or so too come.

But, having a ‘yes’ from my parents means something! 😀 I am so excited. For my grandparents movin’ up. A farm. A horse. . . For my amazing family. For God’s love. Lately, the fact that God’s love and mercy is always on me really hit me. Hard. And I don’t mind it. I’ve realized this, and I’m so incredibly grateful for God. He’s done so, so, so much. Right now, even though I want things (big things, I know), I am grateful for what I have. I trust God that He knows what’s best. So, I want and hope for a horse, but I trust God for the final say-so. But God is so merciful. He loves me so much and I’ve realized I don’t deserve any of it. But I love Him, of course, no human love can compare to His love for us. That’s amazing.

Anyway. . . Ehehe… 🙂 Also, my sis’s Birthday is comin’ up in 5 days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEESHA. Even if she doesn’t get online anymore lol. I am a good sis. 😛

Well, I just wanted to say this. I’m happy. Good mood lately. Thanks ya’ll. 🙂

-Angela R. Watts

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