Cuz I’m Happy. . .

So today was nice. School. House to self sorta. 😛 And it rained a little! 😀

I should go practice archery. Hmm.

OI I am still so excited! I cannot believe I am actually getting a horse. A horse. A horse. I used to be in the huge circle of girls who wanted one, and now, I’m in the circle of being able to get one! I’ve joined the anxious circle of “Where to look, who to talk too, when, where, I hope I find the horse”. But, it’s better! 😀

Anyway… So it’s Birthday Month. 😛 Meesha’s birthday day is the 5th, Tory’s the 19th, and mine the 30th. Whew, right? Lol.

Welp, ta-ta for now.


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