Happy Birthday Meesha!

So today (October 5th) was my sis’s Meesha’s birthday! So as a treat we went to the ‘city’ (it’s not a little town and it’s as I call it, a Yuppie Town. To us, a form of city anyway shhhh) and had Cracker Barrel for breakfast. (we opened presents before we left). Then we (as in Tory, Meesha, Kody, Reyna, and I) went to Pet Smart. Then we all went to Books A Million. I was in heaven of course. 😀 I went to the manga section and finished the first volume of Afterschool Charisma. And took in the Otakuness lol. Then went to normal books and browsed. I ended up getting a Lois Lowry book. 😀 I love her. Kody got a Spiral-graph thingie.

Meesha, Tory, and Rey (hehe little girl) went to Rue 21. Dull. I hate shopping for anything other than books and candy.

And for dinner we went to a Japanese steak house. I asked Mama if instead of boring old everyday Spanish, I could learn Japanese instead for school next year because I’m already learning words. 😛

We had an awesome time. Rey May kept saying hi and bye to our really nice waitress. XD

Now I’m home. After bearing Meesha’s CD I got her (Bratley Gilbert or somethin’). I’m listenin’ to One Republic. ♥

OI GUESS WHAT?! Grandma and Papa are on the way! They’ll be here tomorrow! 😀 ♥

Welp, I’m tired. But I have 2 hours on here so I shall be tired online haha. God bless.



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