It’s 5:00 Somewhere…

So, not yesterday but the day before, we went and looked around for an RV for my grandparents. Which took all day. But when we got back, Kody and I went with them to their hotel. I was happy cuz I got to use the Internet and watched episode 1 of Free! Swim Club. It was in Japanese with English subtitles but I’m far used to this haha and I’m an extremely quick reader so I finish and get to watch it and the same time and I hear the Japanese words in English basically because I read it and hear it… Anyway! So that and half of the next episode. I love it! I love Haru and Makoto and Nagisa and Rin’s sis seems nice and RIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING but I hope he turns out nice he seems cool. Well, suddenly mean but rather intriguing.

I also watched some Death Note scenes, Mello and Matt’s deaths, with songs. The one with them (no Yaio content) witht he song “Last Goodbye”  by Dead by April was my FAVORITE. Sad of course, but great. I tried to get Kody to watch some with me but he waved it off. Then later made fun of Matt stepping back as he got shot. -_-

We all went to bed at around nine. 0-0 Early! But we got up at around five. EARLY. X3 But it was OK then, I couldn’t sleep anyway. But as the day went on… I was so tired. But we went and got their RV. Shopped.

Long story short, yesterday was busy. Busy busy busy.

But today! We ‘slept in’ (till like nine man what?) and Dad and Papa were gone. We did chores and everyone kinda gravitated to the house, so it was basic hectic but cozy but full mornings for the Watts. 🙂  Josh told me that if I shot Meesha’s friend’s feet that I’d be put into a mental hospital and I told him that he could join me because I wasn’t being alone in those places and he agreed. Hmm. We do need help ahaha.

But the main event today is Meesha’s band of guy friends are comin’ over for her party. A late birthday party. With s’mores. And ugh. I apparently have to socialize. So OK then but at least I get chocolate out of watching boys show-off. -_- But I think I did well when they came over the day before Me’s party and hung around. I was as polite as I could manage around 2 teenage boys. It’s. Exhausting. But oh well. I shall survive haha. :]

So that’s tonight’s plan. Yay.

I wanna watch more Free!.


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