1 Year Ago. . .

So I checked here today and was surprised to find that I had an award, a new one.


So apparently it’s been a year that I’ve had this blog. WHOOOAAAA. WHOAAA. 0-0

I can’t believe it. Goodness. A year! And I have 36 followers! Thank ya’ll!

One year ago I was writing KC with Kendra Nelson. And I wanted to put my writing out. So on a cozy evening, I asked my Mama if I could have a WordPress. After some lookin’, she said yes. 😀 And I made one. And it took a few days for me to get the hang of it. And soon, a fanfic blog transformed into a blog that reflects me.

I just wanted to say thank ya for lookin’ ’round here at this ‘old’ blog. ;P


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