OK so this evening I helped Tory and Josh take up some fence posts for a bit. We’re moving the posts over, and I helped. I’ll be helpin’ a lot. Which is cool. Because if I’m gettin’ a horse I’m so willing to pitch in haha.

But it’s actually fun; taking green posts out and banging them back in. 🙂 We’ll be workin’ on that for a while.

Grandma and Papa went back home to pack, we’ll be goin’ down to help bring ’em back up soon. By soon I mean I don’t know when. Heh.

I’m also procrastinating going back to writing FaD. I started it and decided I don’t like the chapter. So I’m re-doing it. And I have a big surprise for ya’ll. >:) It’s confusing me though, this surprise. It’s work. All around.

Anyway. Tory’s birthday is the 19th. Yay… 😛

Welp. I suck at this. Bye.


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