But who could walk through the flames?

Who will?

They are high

they are mighty

they make us look so small.

But alas, look into your heart.

Tell me, thus you wait and die in your safe position,

who could walk through these flames?

My, look at them burn!

Weary- very indeed- they make us all

I see people back away, walk away, muttering and grumbling.

Some stay, few, and whisper their tears of defeat.

Who could walk through the flames?

Will anyone?

As I turn to leave the flames, I see one.

They’re tear stricken, they look so dreadfully tired,

they seem to be dragging their feet

they have scars all over their limping body.

But alas, they grin widely, tears of grief spilling from their eyes,

as they walk through those flames.

We all face these flames, and as I saw the person so courageously plunge into the flames,

I was not so afraid.

And I followed.

And they did also.

And the reward on the other side kept us going,

even we reached the next set of flames.



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