Hello, farewell. . .

Hi ya’ll. I have sad news.

Today my family is going down to help my grandparents move. We’ll be gone for a few days. And. AND I have no Internet up there. Big bummer. But I shall survive. My thing is I’m bringing my laptop anyway so I can work on FaD some more. 🙂 I love making ya’ll suffer what’s happening and what my HUGE plan is. >XD

I really don’t want to go on this roadtrip. But I do. ADVENTURE AND ROADTRIPS ARE MY FAVORITE THINGS!!! But packing isn’t. Losing earbuds isn’t. And not having a camera for the awesome road pics is the worst. But anyway. Roadtrip! Family! 😀

Ok sorry. Sorry. Not really. Anyway.

Welp, that’s my update. Thank ya.


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