Goodbye Florida

Goodbye Florida *Hello Seattle beat*.  So we got home from our trip yesterday evening. We were there for 5 days; helping my grandparents move. It was exhausting (and sleeping on a throw blanket wasn’t fun haha) but it’s done. 🙂 It wasn’t too bad; but kinda sad to say goodbye to the place. We all had so many childhood memories there and stuff. I took a ton of pictures, but can’t share them due to the tablet being screwy and I can’t figure out it’s problem. >:/

But it was nice. Mama visited her Florida friends, and we managed nicely with packing. But I am sssoooo glad to be home! *Introvert ‘n proud*

But anyway; we had a safe trip and soon they [Grandma and Papa] will be up here.

Wanted to update ya’ll; also, the 19th was Tory’s birthday! Happy birthday sis. ♥

I’ve got one week till my birthday. UGGHHHH NOOO. X3

Welp, it was fun. I gotta work on school hard though, missing some of it with the chaos lately. *sigh* Oh well. Will do.

I’ve finished chapter 11, will edit it with Mama. I may do a 12. It’ll be short though, but why not? 😉

God bless.


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