Hamburgers Part 2 (Hetalia Fanfic)

“Germany! Germany! GERMANY!?” Italy cried for help, as he raced after America. America took longer strides, but even so, he was careful not to spill his drink. In the doing, he accidentally tripped over a bush. Jumping was not his talent, he realized, scrambling up. But he was too late; a body with much force whammed into him. And soon he felt fists in his back.

”Ow!” He protested, rolling over. His hand and arm were covered in sticky cola, having dropped his drink, and he scowled as Italy laughed. Before he was held down, America sprang off. Into the street, he dodged objects in his path, and soon, Italy caught up with him.

”Get back here!” He cried again, robe flailing. America laughed out loud at the sight of him, but turned none the less. Big mistake. By accident, Italy rammed into him. Screaming, he was caught by America’s large hands. America burst into laughter as Italy flailed at him, eyes shut tight.

”Let me go!”

”No.” America paused, then tore off back at Germany’s house. Italy was close, but America managed to beat him back to the door.

”Hamburgers!” He shouted.

”No! It’s too early!” Italy jerked the door handle, and poured in before America could. ”Go away!”

”We might miss ’em!” America said, hurt. He jabbed his foot in the door, before he was shut out.

”NO WE WON’T!” Italy shouted, pressing against the door. Germany shouted angrily as he stomped over, and he pulled Italy away from the door. Italy obeyed, enraged.

”America.” Germany scolded, and America huffed.

”There will be hamburgers, even if we don’t get there at 2:30 in the morning. Understand? Now go home!” Germany stormed, trying to get him to understand. But he looked like a hurt puppy. Speaking of puppy, Germany’s tiny Beagle pup sniffed his foot.

America’s face brightened.

”You have a puppy!? Why didn’t I know!” He rushed, kneeling. The puppy yapped, squirming between Germany’s feet. He bounced in America’s arms, licking him eagerly. America laughed, cheekily patting the bundle.

Germany looked into the distance, face flat. Then he opened the door and walked away.

”Germa-” Italy began, but Germany kept moving.

”It’s great if you go get hamburgers, fine. But if you get lost, I’m not coming and getting you.” He spoke a command to the others dogs which were piled humbly at the couch. They followed him into his room.

Italy whirled around to America. His face exploded, but America payed no mind. He picked the pup up and laughed again.

”So, hamburgers?”

Italy began to leave again.

”C’mon! I’ll buy you pizza.” He bribed.

Italy gasped, looking upstairs.

”Ugh. Fine!” He went and got dressed, and met America outside.

”Why must you be annoying.”

”You should see me at Christmas time, bud.” America drove out of the drive way. ”Oh, and my birthday. And Independence day. And-”

And it continued that way the entire way. And Italy fell asleep during so, and being jerked awake by America in a strange place…


I don’t own Hetalia!! This is my fanfic though, copyright 2014, so if you want to share, reference, or something with it, please talk to me first!


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