The First November of 2014

And, duh, the last November of 2014. :3 Which is cool. It’s the 1st and it’s been quite OK actually. We got up early for a Saturday, and went to Goodwill. I actually found jeans that fit. Which is awesome. Because stuff usually never fits and that sucks. But I found plenty today.

We ate Taco Bell. And you can bet I enjoyed it more than shopping. Way more.

Then we got home and Dad, Josh, and Papa have been doin’ some outside stuff. Our yard has trenches now. I can’t play in the glorious dirt piles though, that’s sad.

I took *some* pictures, no I’m drinking (cold) coffee. Watchin’ Meesha suck at disciplining Rey May. Haha. Wanting to watch Free! I got on Pinterest for the first time in a few days (which was fun, duh). 😀

Anyway. Without farther ado. My photography of November 1st. (Which was a lovely, autumn day if not really cold.)


So yeah… Bye!


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