Updates Of Awesomeness

Your argument is invalid, ma friend. Not only are my updates awesome (like me haha) but they’re very important. Well, to me. Probably not to anyone else. But meh.

OK so as of my birthday I’ve been watching obsessing (loving, I’m hooked, deep in fandom…) over the 2012-13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now, before you laugh, it’s actually really good. Like, those 2 words are understatements. You probably don’t believe me. I admit, Meesha’s friend is obsessed over it. And I laughed at him at first, cuz seriously, turtles? But, I watched 1 episode and I was like ”OK so wait what next”. That’s when crap got real. I got obsessed. Hooked. Like bad. OK. I sound pathetic but I regret NAUGHT. This show is awesome. In many ways. Did I say many? Many ways. OK so 4 turtles get in mutagen and long story short they become teenage ninjas. Ninja part is epic. But not the best thing either. So, Leo, Mikey, Raph, and Donnie are bros. And they. Are. Awesome. This show is really funny, but at the same time, I love it because it gives lessons. Good lessons. It’s not a crap kid show like Spongebob or Adventure Time and stuff. It’s actually good.  Not to offend anyone (but I probably am anyway). I am loving like with a capitol L this show so much. It’s not funny. They’re like my babies now. But not. Because, here’s the ‘hilarious’ (sarcasm wow) part; while Donnie and Mikey are awesome and adorable and cutiepies etc; I *may* have a crush on Leo and Raph. *hides, blushing* I’m not sorry of course; but it sometimes gets embarrassing. ‘Course, when anyone of them do something embarrassing, I get embarrassed. More than them. (Not funny but it is.) But yeah; Leo is awesome. One reason at the top of my very tired mind; he’s the team leader, right? And he’s only a teen but he rocks it. Out. He is- OK I can’t explain my feelings enough. *silence* *explodes*

And Mikey- dear God. He’s like a male Meesha. So yes. That makes him cool. If not clumsy and- I’m going to be nice so I’d better shut up. X3

Donnie is adorable in a good way. And I feel very lonely but hopeful about shipping him with April. Is that weird? Oh well. Weirdness is a trait of me. 😀

And Raph is awesome. I like him because even though he has ‘attitude problems’ (slight understatement, perhaps lol) he’s still loyal to his brothers. He’s also like me and Kody in one which gets- yeah. 😛

So basically their relationships are my siblings too… *awkward silence* Except we’re not mutant turtles. Or ninjas. And 3 of us aren’t teenagers. But yeah other than that.

Awesome show. Made a board for it. FANDOMSSS FEELLSS.

Ahem. I also have taken more photos. Enjoy. ♥

Welp. Bye. 🙂


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