‘Sup ladies and gents! Tis I. Blah blah blah yeah. So I’ve watched more TMNT, *duh*.  I love this show so much I’m in so deep I almost wanna be pulled out but no. So, skipping to the episode that still has my heart aching; The Invasion. Part 2, mostly. I mean, my emotions are so packed right now. OK. So like, Casey is hitting on April. Which a huge NO with a N-O. I am hoping Donnie keeps him in check, more than Raph. Raph tried, but not enough. This episode hurt a lot. And I’ve been hurt before from this; Showdown (p1-2) hurt. Slash hurt a LOT. (EVIL SPIKE WWWHHHYYY) OK so I should be used to it. I’m not. At all.

Firstly; LEO! ;-; He’s HURT BAD OK OUT COLD FOR A LONG TIME. This makes me hurt a lot. And evil Shredder jeez mess on someone your own size! -.- My poor Leo, I just can’t put my thoughts and feelings about him in words excuse me while I-

And RAPH I will neva not love him. I will never not love Leo. I am in love and attached and imaginary buds with TURTLES. Yes I know it’s weird because my Mama and Tory remind me plenty. Yeah that sucks. -_- But oh well. 🙂

And all I can say, OK, is that the Kraang better not succeed. And Shredder must die. And wow Leo had a crush on his sis hahaha- sorry Leo sorry. Ahem…

I have no new pictures to show. *slinks into the shadows.* *jumps back out* But I’m not done here! 😀 *hands pizza and soda around* OK good.

Today was good. School of course, which was surprisingly okay. Watched TMNT. Nothin’ else. *silence* Er… Heheh, lemme just go ahead. MOVING ON.

Tomorrow we’re goin’ to the park! 😀 YAY. Swings. And lookin’ for ninja turtles, judge if you will, but I mean, I have my hobbies you have yours. 😛 I’m raiding pins on Pinterest with my boys. Guess which ones. Hahahaha-*cries*
I am so bored. As if you couldn’t tell. Anyone wanna uh, talk about fandoms? Feel free. Thanks…

God bless ya’ll.



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