These Are YESTERDAYS Photos!

If you caught the Veggie Tales reference, bless you.

So yes, enjoy ya’ll!

Yesterday we went to the park; and I took some pics on the way home.  I walked a mile and more, but exactly I’m not sure. I swung on the swing-sets. (:D:D:D:D)

Yesterday was good. 🙂 Today so far is good too. Went outside with Mama and Grandma to find everyone (save sleepin in Meesha) workin’ on Grandma and Papa’s house. I took some pictures as Mama wanted. Watched some TMNT.

Speaking of which; last night was the new TMNT episode! “The Croaking” OK so it was weird, in the sense of wow. Just wow. They went there? But my 2 favorite parts were- crap. I only remember one. When Raph hugged Mikey first, that was awesome. That was adorable. “What are you doing!?” “Hugging! I think!” Goes to show how much Raph cares about Mikey, even if he’s mean sometimes.

So we watched that. I’m getting used to Leo’s new voice. But hey; he’s alive and he’s OK and he’s back to normal so far and that’s great. BAD SHREDDER VERY BAD.

Anywho… *Sigh* I guess I’d better get used to my family snorting at the turtles. When I disappear one day, I’m with the turtles, and they’ll know why. 😐

Welp. Bye. 😀


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