When You See Clearly

Woke up this morning to find everyone (save asleep Meesha) saying that the Bob Cat we’ve seen out in the fields/woods, got Rosie. Rosie is OK, but he slashed he head. Nothin’ serious, and she’s OK. But now we know that we can’t just leave it alone; we have Reyna and a small dog. If the thing is coming on our YARD…

Then we all went for a walk. I took some pictures. 🙂

We had a good time. 🙂
Now I’m at home, listening to P!ATD, doing Pinterest, blogging. I want the new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because apparently something to do with Raph and snakes and I AM SO FREAKED AND UPSET BECAUSE RAPH NO. But yes; I need TMNT.  Most likely I’ll rewatch some later, maybe older ones recorded too. 🙂 Gosh I love them. Not even cute little girly crushes; I love them. Don’t you judge me (Have you watched Mall Cop? Do it. You’ll understand that reference then.) My feelings for this show have ME banging my head against a table I don’t know ya’ll.

I should do an inspiring post. That’s what a blog is for. Inspiring. Etc. I see good bloggers giving awesome stories and I’m just like over here with ninja turtles and rants… But hey. Oh well. Good enough for me, live with no regrets right? I don’t have regrets. Because I don’t think we should regret even mistakes. What happened and happens is in God’s hands. Whatever we did, it built us to who we are.

Welp. Bye. *jumps out your window.* *meets the turtles* *leaves*


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