So I’ve been un-liking stuff on Pinterest. I used to have over 8,000 likes – now around 4,000. Took me a while, and I’m not done. *sigh*

But anyway. I’ve been liking stuff too. I found this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanart, but I couldn’t pin it cuz it got gory in the end. But it hurt so much. But it also showed Raph and Mikey’s bond and I just need a minute.

Babysat yesterday. Which was exhausting. Rey isn’t in the best moods; the Terrible Twos Mama calls ’em. Ugh. At the moment I’m watching her too- all today. She’s whining beside me in a chair, annoyed I took the earphones from her. It’s not my fault she tries to eat them. She is in my lap now. Messin with my music speakers.

OK so I’m fixin to put ‘er down. Praise Jesus. Yesterday I did and I was stuck watching Maleficent. Sad to say; I thought it was stupid. And dull. And coulda been better but it was just bleh.



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