My Trigger Finger Is Tired

Which is symbolic way of saying I have nothing to do. Which is a lie, really. I have things to do, I could read, sing, practice archery, interact with family, write, etc. But I want to do none of these things right now. So I’m eating pretzels, unliking pins, and I wanted to blog. But I don’t have a real clear blog idea. So bare with me. Or don’t. I bet you have Saturday plans. I don’t (praise God).

First of, last night was the new TMNT episode ‘In Dreams’. Oh. My. Goodness. I was quite nervous but so pumped; and it came on and I could not stop- well, smiling. Because April-tello is becoming a real thing (technically it’s been a thing since the first cartoon in the 70′ or 80’s). Which is awesome.

OK so long story short (lol riiigghhhttt) it was great. Of course, I think all episodes are great. Either I’m easily impressed as long as the turtles are in it or… Oh well. But Leo is slowly getting better, if only he’d listen to Raph a bit more. Never thought I’d say that, but rest would help. Leo, more like Mr. Suddenly Impatient. Odd, he usually has more patience than his bros. I dunno- to me, his character seems suddenly off. Maybe their trying to get the voice actor used to it or whatever, but if not, I get the whole The Invsion episodes getting to Leo. So I’m not complaining about the somewhat new Leo- He’s still Leo and I still love him.

And between the boys’ nightmares… I’ve only been in similar dreams between Raph and Donnie’s- and they suck, lemme tell you. One thing I LOVED out of this episode was that the whole dream deal was actually real; they perfectly replicated what dreaming is like. You keep moving like nothing earth like, and weird stuff happens; nothing that makes sense a lot. So that was cool, but I was freaking a bit because no one likes to see the turtles they love getting the life sucked out of them.

But I was not the only one who noticed that April stayed mostly with Donnie. Even my sis Meesha (who even though she watched the 2014 movie, is not as loving as me of these bros) noticed. Which is HUGE. Because well… You get the picture.

I admit, folks, I have not written anything. Or drawn. I’m taking a break, because life here is getting settled but not. If you know what I mean, haha. So sorry… I may draw some fanart later, though.

Well. Just wanted too- honestly I dunno. Bye. 🙂



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