A Little More Music, A Little Less Of The Rest

by Fall Out Boy. Haha not I’m just kidding; but the long title was inspired by FOB. Gah I love them. Also; Patrick’s new baby is so cute he looks just like him!

Sorry continuing. I’m in my bed. That’s new. I’m usually always at the table.


‘Sup guys. I’m listening to Fall Out Boy. I’m tired. As if you couldn’t tell. But I want to blog. As always.


I should not love Rat A Tat as much as I do. But oohhh. ♥

ANYWAY. Today I slept in, it was lovely.

Anyway; when I woke up everyone was in the house. So after getting dressed; Meesha made breakfast. She’s a good cook. Eventually ( as in 2:00 maybe?) we (as in Dad, Mama, Meesha, Kody, and I) decided to go to Goodwill. I for some reason, and Meesha, wanted to get WAY more dressy than usual. Usually, I’d throw on a T-shirt, jeans, Converse, and coat. Since I got my black female Sherlock like coat, it’s all I wanna wear. But this time, over my The Hobbit T-shirt, I wore my black Sherlock coat, but added a twist. I wore Meesha’s red dressy scarf. I just felt fancy. Hmm. But it did look nice, if I do say so my self. 😉

As for my hair; long thick hair is a pain. I mean, it’s pretty yeah. But hard. Washing it sucks; do you know how hard it is to get soap thoroughly out? If ya do; I’m so, so sorry. But I wore it in a mix of a pony tail or down. Down is easier. 😛

At Goodwill, with Mama’s and Meesha’s help; I got some shirts. Which took a while. Shopping for clothes sucks because nothing I like fits.Well, usually. It’s always nice when something does but by then we’re all tired haha. I found 1 book.

Then we got Little Caesars. Oh I love their pizza. I love pizza. It was fabulous. Hmmm… Then we went home and everyone ate and talked, etc. And then; well here I am.

It’s been very rainy and cold here; such of both that we had to bring Nana in the garage.

I’m browsin’ Pinterest. I have reached over 3,000 followers on there,


No that is a lot of people. That’s practically an army of people. Sorry movin’ on.

alrighty then

I took a quiz from Pinterest. Apparently I am Raph. Hmm. OK. I’mma take some more quizzes. Wait for it.


Then I’ve gotten Donnie too. UGH why isn’t this easy XD. No I have a few of all of their traits.

Well. G’ night.



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