Looking Glass

My Mama was doing Kody’s school; when she saw this.

Robert, Who Is Often A Stranger to Himself
by Gwendolyn Brooks

Do you ever look in the looking glass
And see a stranger there?
A child you know and do not know,
Wearing what you wear?

And she had me do the thingie or whatever. I’ve been promising an inspiring post, and this is as close as my brain is gonna get.

This poem is something I have thought of before. It means the person we see is not always the person we know.

A person isn’t a person based on looks alone, A person is a soul; by what we think, feel, how we take in the world around us. No humans thoughts are the exact same. We know ourselves by what we feel, by events, ideas, we know ourselves from the inside out. I’m sometimes surprised to see my face staring at me in the mirror; I forget I’m not just a bubble of thoughts, I’m not just an observer, not just my head, I forget I’m here. I forget sometimes that people see me as another human; that though I am myself outwardly, different from the rest. I’m also a body; flesh and blood. That’s how people see me; and I forget that. I forget I’m not just thoughts to others. I forget sometimes, that I am a teenager, I have a face, and that when I see myself in the mirror, I have a split second of awe. Not because of my looks (although sometimes that would be a nice twist for all of us lol); but because God gave me a body. As odd as this sounds; I’m grateful for my body. My face. Etc.

Another thing; one question was; ”Do you always see the same thing in the mirror?”

Oh hon. No. I don’t think anyone does. Sure, it’s the same face of us. But it’s not, is it? I’ll see me one day, and the next I’m like ”wow who is that- oh yeah… me.” I always see something different. Sometimes I bring Confidence in and we have tea; then I see myself as beautiful (as vain as it might sound Mama tells me I need to work on lovin’ my out ward appearance). Sometimes I barricade Confidence out in the rain; then I find faults. My freckles are off (yes you heard me), my nose is too big, etc.

I mean, I know that this sucks. Because God made us, and He doesn’t make mistakes. So basically, the faults we find, are just us. I’ve heard people say ”Society made me like this”, no. No, it takes a weak person to allow society to cut them down and tie them up. It takes a strong person to remember God’s words and see themselves not what society might see; but as God might see. And even then; appearances don’t matter! God looks inside. So before you apply your make-up today; read you Bible. And I pray that every girl finds peace with herself. And even though we’ll always be surprised to see a face staring back at us; we shouldn’t be surprised to see the face be different.


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