Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kid fanfic


 I stood in the middle of a building; it had towering black walls and I couldn’t see anything. I only figured it was a building because suddenly, 2 doors appeared. They glowed, one white, one red. I began to take a step back, feeling heat on my neck. I hated doors. Hated them. They always had secrets, held things on the other side, kept others from seeing the truth. I hated doors. 

 Smoke bellowed around me, and I heard laughing. But it wasn’t good laughter, like how Raph laughed when I tried to pronounce hard words, it was darker. Evil. But not an evil laugh; just laughter that wasn’t good. And it sounded young; and I tried to turn around. But voices filled my head, and I heard the laughing close in on me. The doors got bigger.

”Wait! No!” I was being pushed, just as turned around. I saw my brothers, Raph, Leo, and Donnie. They were chained together, sitting on a rock. Surrounding the rock were alligators, swarming and snapping. It was like I was seeing a TV screen; because I couldn’t reach them. Their mouths moved but I heard nothing. I began to cry; they were bleeding. And there were no band aids, like Raph would put on us when we got hurt. And it scared me. 

”Stop!” I struggled against the force that moved me backward, away from my family. 

”Choose.” The voice said. It wasn’t the laughing voice, it was harder. Angry. ”Choose a path.”

 I suddenly couldn’t speak; I couldn’t answer the voice ahead. I was being pulled down, and I saw black ghosts. They were laughing at me. 

 I was turned back to the two doors. My eyes darted. What was going on?! 

 I was hot, and I didn’t know what to do. I turned; and the chains dropped. My brothers were falling…


“No!” I shouted, jerking. My heart was pumping, and I panted loudly. Teddy sat beside me, and before I could pull him close, my brothers ran in.

”Mikey? What’s wrong?” Leo’s small figure crawled up beside me. I was shaking, and my eyes were wide. I looked down, scared Raph would laugh at me. But he didn’t. Instead, Raph frowned and sat on my bed.

”You OK?” He asked softly, peering at me. Donnie walked closer, patting me.

”It was just a nightmare, bud. You’re OK, see?” He comforted. I whimpered, the images still clear in my mind. I leaned into Leo, making sure they were all flesh and blood.

”Yeah, you’re OK.” Raph said, pushing himself beside me. He put a hand on my shoulder and Leo hugged me.

”How ’bout we sleep with you tonight, huh?” Leo suggested, and Donnie shut my bedroom door.

”Yeah, my room’s big and lonely anyway.” Raph added, pulling my sheets up. Leo smiled reassuringly as Donnie filed up beside Leo. We all lied up together; Donnie’s arm hanging off my bed, Leo’s free hand over my shell, I was squeezed in between Leo and Raph. Raph curled up, hand on my head.

”We gotcha, little brother. It’s all gonna be OK, always.” He whispered, eyes shut. And we all fell asleep like that, under the sheets, feeling safe.

And I promised myself I’d never let anything bad like what happened in my dream, happen to them. Ever. I’d protect them, and nothing would get them.



I do now own TMNT, etc! This is my fanfic though, copyright 2014. Please don’t steal. If you’d like to share this, reference it, etc, please talk to me first!




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