Durin’s Day, Battle Of The Five Armies, One Last Time, We Will Follow


(My The Hobbit AUJ shirt…)

This is it guys. This is the end. One last time. Last Hobbit movie. End. But it isn’t the end, is it? We still have the story, the characters, forever. They’ve been around for a long time, and just because this is the last movie, doesn’t mean that it’s over over. We can reread, rewatch, but this is it yet still. One last adventure; we’ll never be in this moment again. I don’t know if I’m going to the theaters to see this movie, but if I do, I will be wearing my Hobbit shirt (above) of course. In respect, love, and pride of today, Durin’s Day, I’m wearing it.

I’d firstly love to thank J.R.R. Tolkien; because without him, we wouldn’t have these books, and now movies. Thank you, Tolkien. You changed lives, helped people, and gave us adventures we couldn’t dream of. God bless you up in heaven. You brilliant, brilliant, painful man. You gave us so much in those pages…

Secondly, Peter Jackson, Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Orlando Bloom, Hugo Weaving, Elijah Woods, Benedict Cumberbatch, and every single man and woman who plays in the LOTR/Hobbit movies. Who helped and produced, set up, animation, dressing, everything. (as well as those who did LOTR!). You brilliantly gave us movies that were gold. And I thank you. We all do. Thank you all. You all did BEAUTIFUL jobs. These movies were epic. You all did well; thank you so much for making these masterpieces. Seeing the people and creatures we loved and hated on screen… It was pulled off great.

We shall follow the characters once more; it’s been around 3 years since The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey came out. My Mama got it for me; and I remember first watching it. Since; I’ve been excited and teary for every new movie.

We will never forget the books nor the movies. They will live on, even if this is the last time we have the angst, the anxiety, the excitement, the tears and laughs we have gotten.

Some may cry, some may not, laughter may come, may not. This is it. We’ve waited, and now, we will follow the dwarves, the elves, a wizard, and a very special hobbit one last time. I’m proud to say, entering this fandom those 3 years ago or so was a wonderful decision. (if not painful)

We love these characters, they are so real; and now we finish the story we started. And I don’t regret my decision.


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