Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Review

Alright, so I promised a post on the TMNT 2014 movie. And since I feel like blogging, I thought I’d suck it up and try my best to get this done. It’s going to be fun, and painful. If you understand how this is, I’m so, so sorry. NOTE this post has SPOILERS!!!!! And bare with me through the rough beginning, I suck at not adding the other versions into my info… :3 But it’s here for a reason; so it helps people understand the 2014 movie better.

TMNT 2014

I am a TMNT lover, fan- I just love the turtles and the movies/series. I’ve watched almost all of the 2012 episodes, I’ve watched the 1990 movies (1 and 2), and now, the 2014 movie.I plan on watching the 2003 series, also. I hope that Nick airs the first 2 seasons as promised, and I can record them. ♥

Now, like every movie, TMNT 2014 has good reviews and bad reviews, lovers and haters. Older TMNT fans, newer TMNT fans. Varying opinions are natural. But if you’re not going to watch it just because someone said it sucked, or you don’t want to give it a chance, rethink!

I’m going to try my best not to fangirl. Be pleased. Firstly, let’s talk about the back stories.

1990 movie;

My brother showed me the 1990 tmnt. It's amazing, and I love it

In the 1990 movie, the back story was different from the ’12 and ’14 ones. I’ve noticed every back story differs for each version (movie/series). So honestly, I don’t know why people whined so much about the 2014 back story. We should be used to the differing stories. Anyway; 1990 version, Splinter was originally a rat. A pet to his master Yoshi, and learned Jinjitsu from his cage, mimicking his master. During a fight between Yoshi and Shredder, Splinter’s cage is broken and he attacks Shredder.

My reaction when a new episode of TMNT comes out.<<<YEP

Now, 2012 TMNT Nick series. The back story here (and this plays to the 1990 movie as well, except not for Splinter, but for his master Yoshi’s wife) was Splinter was originally human, and was married, had a child, and was friends with Shredder.


However, Shredder loved Splinter’s wife, and he became jealous, etc. He killed Splinter’s wife and, what Splinter thought, killed his daughter (Miwa). However, he finds Shredder didn’t kill her, instead, took her and raised her as his own, renaming her Karai. In the 2012 version; Splinter is walking home with 4 turtles from a pet shop when they all get mutated. That’s the mutation story, and Splinter (already knowing martial arts) teaches the turtles, raises them, etc.

Now, in the 2014 movie, the back story is changed. They were all pets, Splinter and the bros. But more test subjects than pets. April, her father, and Sacks are experimenting with mutagen. When Mr. O’Neil finds out what Sacks has truly planned with his tests and the mutagen, he destroys the lab, evidence, tests, everything he can to stop Eric Sacks. April, only a kid, saves Splinter and the baby turtles, putting them close to the sewer. Splinter takes them to the sewers, and soon they fully mutate. But the turtles are still babies, so Splinter raises them. Now, in this movie, he finds an old book on Ninjutsu. He teaches himself, then teaches the turtles. This is how the 2014 movie works things out.

Now, I’ll review the back stories. Yes, they are all different. They all affect each version. It annoys me when people complain about the new movie changing this. It’s been done before, and I wish people wouldn’t whine so. For the back stories, I think it was done alright. Honestly, TMNT fans should be used to this kind of change. Why waste energy on something as natural as this?

Next. Let’s talk about the brotherly relationships, shall we?

Alright, 1990… I loved this one because of Donnie’s and Mikey’s relationship. They have good one all around in every version, but this one was special to me because of their little moments. No matter what was going on, they were making jokes or words between them. I loved that. [1990] Was also great because we had Leo and Raph moments. The 1990 movie is one of my faves, believe it or not, because for one thing, Raph has a big temper as always. But it seemed Leo and his bros took it differently than they do in the other versions. It was more real to me, in a different form. Leo was a bit different than any other Leo; which I liked.

2012 is one of my favorites, for the relationships. I know many people dislike the 2012 series, but they’re missin’ out.

Raph and Mikey’s relationship is most shined on in the 2012. For good reasons. But so did Raph and Leo

s. And Donnie’s and Mikey’s. And I’ll tell you why; but not in the post. MUST…STAY…FOCUSED… But we forget the other bros, I think, in the 2012 relationships. They were all great.

2014 relationships were amazing. Personally, I think they nailed it. Mikey wasn’t an idiot, he was the funny one. As he should be. He had great lines as well! So yes; 2014 Mikey was perfect to me. They stayed true to him, and the actor did great.

Michelangelo's new look from the new 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Errr I don't think a sweatshirt would fit over his shell.

And one thing I loved about the 2014 movie was the details. The details on the turtles were amazing. If you notice, only Raph and Mikey have sun glasses. Mikey, Leo, and Donnie can be seen wearing shoes. Mikey is the ‘hip’ one, as they portrayed with his style of randomness, and I loved that.


Leonardo's new look from the new 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

His style is simple. A leader, and I loved how they made his look simple, because that implies just what he is. Straight to the point, quick, sharp. Now for personality. This Leo reminded me a lot like 2012 Leo, and 1990 Leo. It’s kinda like they blended both Leo’s and added on. Which was cool. He was awesomely done as well. The acting was quite well done, he fit into the role quite well.  The feud between him and Raph was perfect, still going, forever and ever. 😉


Donatello's new look from the new 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Donnie’s style is just plain Donnie. One thing that he has that his bros don’t, and couldn’t handle lol, is his gear. That was a cool add on for me. Since it is the 21st century, this Donnie added up well as tech goes. Donnie’s personality made me love him all the more. Now, I’ve always loved Donnie. I love every single one of the bros. So hard it’s almost hard for me to choose a favorite. But something about this Donnie made me just want to hug him. For one thing, his actor was amazing. Perfect for Donnie. His voice was as awesome and 2003 Donnie. (I actually prefer 2003/2014 Donnie’s voice, the other’s aren’t as smooth/great for him from my view) It was just geeky perfect. And his personality was a bit sweeter in this one; sweet and awkward.

I love how adorable and awkward he was in this movie.

Now, Donnie’s awkward more in the 2012 than the ’90 or ’03. He was awkward even more than 2012’s D in this movie. They stayed true to his personality in this movie. It was seriously great. And his relationships with his bros was fantastic. He had moments with all of them, however small.


Raphael's new look from the new 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

One of my fave Raph’s. (Really I love every Raph ehehe…) They stayed true to his personality, just like his bros. Yes, he had a temper, and a typical Raph attitude, and I was glad they stayed true to that. I was kinda scared, with all the Raph hate, they’d make him obviously nice. They didn’t. Praise God. And they didn’t make him a rough object either. Like every other Raph, 2012 Raph had soft spots. And this movie showed them. Like the 1990 movie, they showed his love/soft spot for Splinter. His soft spot/love for his bros. And one thing we never saw before which was perfect; his little speech while they were falling. I adored that part. Because yes; in every adaption, these words are so obvious. I was glad they made him say it finally.

Next, I’ll talk about Splinter and April.

2014 Splinter…

Master Splinter 2014 #tmnt<--- now, he looks really cool!! CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!

Well… Here’s where the mean bill comes. Or something. I prefer 2012 Splinter over all of the Splinter’s. Sarcastic and caring, rough and soft. That’s my Splinter. 2012 Splinter seemed, I dunno, a bit pushed. Rushed; like even when he pulled the hero card, he wasn’t the usual firm Splinter. He seemed someone weak in body and soul, which he has never been. Maybe it was just me… But he had great moments which amounted to So-Splinter moments. Which was a major save.


Animated characters and actress Megan Fox as April, center, appear in the movie "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Action packed and silly, the latest adoption of the comic book characters is still an enjoyable thrill ride for the family #MovieReview

Megan Fox as April was a BIG NO-NO. She’s not a good actress, for one, and second, she looks nothing like April. Her acting as April was poor, but for what it’s worth, I was pleased somewhat with some ways they portrayed her. Some moments were good April moments, but I would have loved if they had gotten a better April for her role.

Now I want to address somethin’. A big thing I loved about this movie is that they stayed true to the turtles being teenagers. They didn’t have their act completely together, because yes, they’re teenage boys and still growing up. They have their stupid moments, their funny moments, etc. I loved that. They didn’t forget that no, they’re not grown, and no, they’re not going to be completely serious all the time. I enjoyed seeing them as teenagers, like the 2012 version.

Now let’s talk about the movie from a step away. People complain about how the turtles look; and I just don’t get it. Yes, they look different, because they’re not a cartoon. And this is 2014 we’re talking about, animation and GGI has upped it’s game a LOT. So I was pleased with the turtles looks. It was real. And maybe it’s just me who loved seeing them come to life in a realistic way… But yes. The directors wanted the turtles to be realistic as possible, and they succeeded to me. And the acting for the turtles was great; even if I was surprised they got a older guy for Raph, his voice fitted him enough. Here are the bro’s actors;

Raph- Alan Ritchson

Alan Ritchson Picture

Mikey- Noel Fisher

Noel Fisher Picture

Leo- Pete Ploszek

Pete Ploszek Picture

Donnie- Jeremy Howard

Jeremy Howard Picture

They’re acting was great. April’s Megan not so much but… Still.

And Will Arnett as Vern… I wasn’t sure what to do with him, kinda. I mean, he was kinda dumb. I was sad they didn’t pull Casey in yet, but I guess Vern was a replacement. (You can’t replace Casey Jones). He was funny because he was stupid. But I guess they’re doing a sequel, so I hope they drag Casey in.

I was also relieved they used their weapons. Nowadays people are so stupid and caught up with violence. I was worried they wouldn’t be allowed to use them, as odd as it sounds. But they did.

Honorable mentions you may call the next paragraphs, but these things made me happy…

  •   The beginning opening thing. It had me silently fangirling because it looked like the original comic books…
  • They brought back the golden catch phrase; COWABUNGA! I was so glad they did. It’s been a while; lately booyakasha it big thanks to Mikey 2012. 🙂 Nice to see the new movie brought it back, with Mikey and Raph. I loved that part.
  • Karai. This was the first live-action movie with her in it. So even if she didn’t have much moments or use, it was still cool they did her in. But is it just me or did it seem she didn’t die die? 0-0
  •  The Christmas Hip Hop album reference was to a 2003 episode. Kudos for that! 🙂

OK moving on…

Flaw time. Here is the flaws of the movie to me…

It was mostly from April’s point of view. I found that kinda disappointing. I would have loved to see more of the turtles. In every other version, we have a ton of brother moments. This movie? Not so much…

Shredder was a bit flat. In the 2003 and 2012 we have more of Shredder. In the 2014, he was a bad guy yes, and it wasn’t like I was just ‘meh look metal man’ because I wasn’t. He wasn’t too flat as to be dumb. The get rich scam, some found it dull, but no, I think it fit Shredder well. Because it added on. Shredder was in it for revenge, and Sacks money plan just added onto Shredder’s enjoyment. So that was a add on.

All in all… I enjoyed this movie. I thought it was great for what it was. Every movie has it’s flaws, and every movie has it’s perks. This was great for what it was. If you get a kick out of hating it just for tiny things, be my guest, but leave me be. I don’t care what you say. And yes, I pointed out some flaws, but I’m not going to let those tiny things make me hate the movie. Because I loved the movie. I loved it because no matter what, we got to see the turtles we love. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And that’s what counts, thank you. 🙂


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